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EXPRCD17 Electrified Espresillon 2006
ALGOCD001 Counterstrike From Beyond the Grave Algorythm 2006
CVCD003 Various Ghetto Sound Volume 1 Ghetto Sound 2006
CHREC001 Ajax Varying Degrees of flippen hell Chrisus Records 2006
CHREC002 Jacob Israel My Paper Nautilus Chrisus Records 2006
MDCD009 Kalahari Surfers Panga Management Microdot 2005
AKCD004 The AK Massive Beats And Bars 2006
DREADKINGS Dread Kings Uyeza 2006
SEYMOURCD010 Various Real Earth Vol. 1 Amabala Rec. 2005
AFROLUTION002 Various Afrolution Amabala Rec. 2005
FKE001 Watkin Tudor Jones The Fantastic Kill 2005
ERENT001 Paulino YQ The court of Love 2005
DEL001 Deluxe This is Deluxe 2005
OBR002 Anika Hovering 2005
SUB001 Sub Urban Magazine CD-DVD
LRKCD001 Lark - Mouth Of Me 2005
CHUBCD002 The Dirty Skirts The Dirty Skirts EP 2005
CHUBCD001 Prankster Bravo 2005
ADOPECD001 Krushed & Sorted Acid Made me do it African Dope
ADOPECD002 Moodphase5ive Steady On African Dope
ADOPECD004 Kalahari Surfers Akasic Records African Dope
ADOPECD007 Various Cape of Good Dope African Dope
ADOPECD009 The Constructus Corporation The Ziggurat African Dope
ADOPECD010 Various African Dope Soundsystem African Dope
ADOPECD011 Kalahari Surfers Muti Media African Dope
DIYCD001 Various Silvertab Harambe Dope Sessions African Dope
ADOPECD013 The Real Estate Agents African Dope
ALGO001 Counterstrike Counterstrike Algorythm 2003
ALGO002 Counterstrike Singles Algorythm 2004
AMABALACD02 Various Breathe Sunshine Vol. 2 Amabala Records 2004
AMABALACD01 Various Breathe Sunshine Vol. 1 Amabala Records 2003
MDCD001 Various Africa in Trance MicroDot
MDCD004 Mr. Geletine Elektroluv MicroDot
MDCD003 Various Drum'n Bass El Afrika MicroDot
MDCD004 Kalahari Surfers Conspiracy Of Silence MicroDot
MDCD003 Various Impulse MicroDot
IRSCD01 Lesego Rampolokeng & Kalahari Surfers End Beginnings MicroDot
FUR001 Midranged Midranged Furtive Records
NGHCD201 Reiki Healing Thru Touch MicroDot
MRCD001 Ghetto Muffin - Paralyzer MicroDot
ZW002 Nagual Polar Shift MicroDot 2004
WALDORF001 Timeless Zeitlos MicroDot 2004
BANGCD002 Battery 9 Strop (One F Music) (1996)
ONEF002 Battery 9 Protskrog (One F Music) (1995)
BANGCD038 Battery 9 Wrok (One F Music) (1998)
BANGCD029 Battery 9 Gris (One F Music) (1997)
GWVCD 38 Battery 9 Sondebok (One F Music) 2002
ONEF 1009 Battery 9 Straks (One F Music) (1998)
ONEF 1008 Trike Kennis van die oggend (One F Music) 2005
ONEF 1004 Trike Volle Militêre Eerbetoon (One F Music) 2003
ONEF 1005 Die Menere Floukop (One F Music)
ONEF 1006 General Dealer High & Mighty (One F Music) 2005
ONEF 1007 Swim Club 3471 (One F Music) 2005
GVCD02 Ras Judah Give thanx and Praise (Ghetto Sound) 2005
GVCD001 Various Away from Home (Ghetto Sound) 2005
LOZCD002 Lions Of Zion Iternal Fire 2004
UTR03 Various Some People think that... (Unit R) 2004
SAUCECD001 Saucetone Saucetone 2004
RUDECD001 The Rudimentals More Fire 2004
HCCD666 Spindle Sect Episode One
SSCD R434 7th Son Suburban Dub 2003
JNSCD116 The Buckfever Underground TAFL
HMS555 The Honeymoon Suites 5 Star
KD001 Somerfaan Somerfaan
JNSCD78 The Buckfever Underground Jou medemens is dood
ROOTCD001 Jason Tamba ZA Congo 2004
NNCD002 Nine Entropy
AHEADCD010 Cape Culture Band Cape Culture Band
SUI001 Blackmilk The Summer Eye 2004

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