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Pieter-Dirk Uys (Evita Bezuidenhout, Tannie Evita) (Uys, Pieter-Dirk) (Bezuidenhout, Evita)

2021 09 04, 05 - Tannie Evita "Praat Kaktus", Evita Se Perron, 12:00

Evita Bezuidenhout - Song For Tomorrow met Zolani Mahola, Karen Zoid & HemelBesem VID >>> (2015)

Panorama .....................2013 MISSING INK

A Part Hate A Part Love / eBoek) . 2012 ZEBRA PRESS
- The Legend Of Evita Bezuidenhout -
ISBN: 9781770225145

The biography of Evita Bezuidenhout, A Part Hate A Part Love chronicles the life and times of the former ambassador to the former independent homeland of Bapetikosweti. Read the full story of the rise of the Boer Reich, and the shocking exposé of the relationships of its leaders with a woman who straddles the regimes of Hendrik Verwoerd, John Vorster and P.W. Botha.

Pieter-Dirk Uys helped us keep our sanity. Poking fun at the absurdities of our way of life, he undermined apartheid and was a hilarious part of our glorious liberation struggle. He pricked our various bubbles and here we are today. A Part Hate A Part Love is vintage acerbic Uys. Thank God He made Uys get us to laugh at ourselves. - Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Evita Se Bossie Sikelela / (eBook) . 2012 UMUZI
ISBN: 9781415205303
ISBN: 9781415201541

Evita - bekroonde sjef en ikoon van die nasie - bring vir jou die heerlikste disse van haar omswerwinge deur gans Suid-Afrika en die wye wêreld. Van die Kaap tot in Limpopo, van die Weskus tot daar waar die President vandaan kom, rol die borde in vol kwartels en tarentaalsvleis met pruimedante. Kweperbredie en lemoeneend. Pofadders, beesstert en soetsuur vlakvark. Sy maak ou geregte nuut, en berei veldkos fyn - wie het kon dink aan waterblommetjiehoender of botterblomslaai vir die eetkamertafel? Iedere resep getoets en gekeur, almal verspot maklik om te maak. Goeiste, net om haar boek te lees of deur te blaai is al 'n smakkende ervaring, met al die prente van ons vriendin op al die plekke waar sy was. Eers was dit Kossie Sikelela, nou Bossie - 'n nuwe kou-front tref jou tafel.

Evita's Bossie Sikelela / (eBook) . 2012 UMUZI
ISBN: 9781415201565
ISBN: 9781415205280

From the Cape to Limpopo, the West Coast to our president's home province, come divine platefuls: guineafowl with prunes, potroasted quail, quince bredie and orange duck. Pofadders, oxtail and even sweet and sour warthog. Evita reinvents old favourites, and deliciously prepares veldkos - who would have thought of waterblommetjie chicken or dandelion salad for the dinner table? Each recipe has been tested and vetted, and they're all ridiculously easy to make. My liewe aarde, just paging through the book is a mouth-watering experience, with all these pictures taken on her visits. First there was Kossie Sikelela, now there is Bossie. A new culinary front hits your table.

Never Too Naked ....... 2012 RANDOM HOUSE/STRUIK
- A Thrilling Tale Of Love, Lust, Loss And Life
ISBN: 9781770221789

Bambi Kellermann (sister and worst nightmare of Evita Bezuidenhout) reveals all in her gloves-off, bra-down memoir, written with the assistance of Pieter-Dirk Uys.

Evita Bezuidenhout might be the most famous white woman in South Africa, but her younger sister Bambi, the blonde Afrikaans meisie who married a Nazi and became a stripper in the fleshpots of Europe, has a much juicier story to tell. In her autobiography, assisted by Pieter-Dirk Uys, Bambi traces her journey from the Orange Free State to Europe, South America, the USA and back to a democratic South Africa. On the way she gives haircuts to The Beatles in Hamburg, travels with Hemingway in Spain, and gets surgical tips from Chris Barnard. She also rubs shoulders with Ava Gardner and Marlene Dietrich, sups with Paraguay's dictator General Stroessner, and of course confronts her sister Evita. Peopled with showgirls, divas and film stars, Nazis, assassins and secret agents, Never too Naked is an outrageous and hilarious tale.

Evita Se BlackBessie . 2011 RANDOM HOUSE/STRUIK
ISBN: 9781415201596
ISBN: 9781415201589

In 'n wereld van goeters soos BlackBerrys, iPods en iPhones, 'n stukkie ou tegnologie: Die bekendste wit vrou in Suid-Afrika help you om jou lewe te organiseer. Evita Bezuidenhout se oplossing vir 'n tegnologies gestremde brein is 'n notaboek wat jou sal help om jou lewe met humor en vreugde te organiseer. Hierdie boek is veel meer as 'n joernaal en is propvol foto's en pittighede met praktiese raad.

Evita's Kossie Sikelela . 2010 UMUZI
ISBN: 9781415200902

If the road to reconciliation run through a country's belly, Evita's cookbook provides it's recipe for peace. She invites the whole country, the whole world to her table where everybody can feast on dishes like green bean bredie and cumin chicken with sweet potatoes. Who'll be able to moan and groan between mouthfuls of walnut balls and pampoenkoekies, or baked apple clowns? Truly, there's nothing like a generous helping of rabbit in red wine or guinea fowl with sultanas & hanepoot to bring forth brotherly love. And liewe aarde, you will definitely want to be best friends with the orange trifle and Tannie's melktert.
Evita is always well prepared and includes recipes for diabetics and vegetarians, Halaal and Kosher dishes, and even recipes to keep as fit as she does. Whether she entertains her grandchildren, caters for a picnic or plans a Christmas menu, Evita cooks up a storm. Richly illustrated by artist Linda Vicquery, the expert behind the dishes. Also included: many photographs of Evita and a preface by none other than Sophia Loren.

Elections & Erections DVD 85min . SVVD094 2009

Master satirist and stage personality, Pieter-Dirk Uys and acclaimed film producer, Anant Singh have teamed up to release Uys's latest stage hit, Elections & Erections on DVD and television, with Singh's company, Videovision Entertainment having shot the show. Elections & Erections which began its national tour in Durban on 17 February 2009, will end its run in Cape Town on 2 May 2009.
Elections & Erections sees Pieter-Dirk Uys celebrate the two issues that were illegal for most of his life in South Africa: democracy and sex. He uses humour, his weapon of mass distraction, and compares today's freedom of speech to those years of no freedom, and yet then there was enough speech to help end a brutal system and usher in a young democracy. Uys also presents a host of familiar and upcoming politicians and opinion-makers, from the Clintons and Obamas in the United States to Archbishop Tutu and Nelson Mandela to old Nats, re-invented Communists and designer Democrats.

Evita for President DVD 126min . 2008 NU-METRO

"A spoonful of HUMOUR makes the politics go down!!!"

Satirist Pieter Dirk Uys is on Scintillating Form Again, Taking the Mickey out of Everything in Socio-political Sight. His Withering Commentary on Number of Issues is More Abrasive Than Ever. His Sharp Wit, Applied with Scorn and Perfect Timing, Comes to the Fore Time and Time Again. He is Indeed a Skilful Performer.

Darling!: The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story DVD 54min . MNETDVD-031 2007 M-NET

"The story of a man and the nation that divided him"

hier, hier, imdb

Great Comedy Trek 1 & 2DVD . 2007
"Kill the Bill - Live from the Baxter Theatre 1992"

Farce About Uys DVD 126min . 2007

Blast From The Past! DVD . 2006 NU-METRO

Blast from the Past' is the best way to look back at South Africa's yesterday: not in anger but with humour; not because it was funny, but because we've survived the madness. Pieter-Dirk Uys launched his one-man onslaught against the Pretoria regime with ADAPT OR DYE in 1981 and saw 1986 as the beginning of President P.W. Botha's decline in BEYOND THE RUBICON. Highlights from these shows will entertain, horrify and remind us where we come from, so we can celebrate where we are going.

1. Adapt or Dye
Pieter-Dirk Uys introduces us to 1982 and a younger Mrs. Evita Bezuidenhout. Prog Liberal Nowell Fine is having an illegal affair with Nimrod her gardener, while Dr. Piet Koornhof solves the problems of the homeless black majority by giving them not bread, but KYK. Tannie Kappie of the Kommando sees the rioting on the walls of the Voortrekker Monument and Doggie-Guru Barbara Woodhouse trains Progs her very own way. A Censorman bans the Hol in Holfontein and the Koek and Moer in Koekemoer, before the Prime Minister P.W. Botha appears to wag his finger and lick his lips and say absolutely nothing. Filmed at the Market Theatre Johannesburg with a live audience in 1982.

2. Beyond the Rubicon
Pieter-Dirk Uys ushers us into 1986 where states of emergency are a way of life. Uys portrays Archbishop Desmond Tutu, President P.W. Botha and Dr. Piet Koornhof. International television crews set up riots in a black township and Evita Bezuidenhout's husband Oom Hasie is seen in a futuristic trial for treason. Tannie Evita is there herself in a dark tomorrow where a black majority has taken over the land and Afrikaners are now the downtrodden ones. A white voter swills beer and vloeks, as kugel Nowell Fine plans to build a nice house in Soweto for her maid Dora. Filmed at the Nico Malan Theatre Cape Town with a live audience on 1 May 1986. -

Foreign Aids DVD 129min . 01 5-23 2005

Between The Devil And The Deep . 2005 ZEBRA PRESS
- A Memoir of Acting and Reacting -
ISBN: 9781770221956

The End Is Naai DVD 112min . 2004/7

This pageant of political punches focuses on politicians and people, icons and aikonas with humour. Rude, offensive, politically incorrect, dangerous, real, hopeful and maybe true! "The End is Naai" aims to put the "mock" back into democracy and expose the "con" in reconciliation. You will know where you stand in this new democracy as "The End is Naai" puts its tongue firmly in your cheek.

"Filmed live at "The Theatre on the Bay" in Camps Bay, Cape Town, on 21st July 2004. Uys reflects on South African politics and people in celebration of ten years of democracy in South Africa. This show performed to capacity audiences in South Africa, London's West End, Holland and Australia. It is rude, offensive, politically incorrect, dangerous, real, hopeful and true." -

Elections & Erections . 2003 ZEBRA PRESS
- A Memoir of Fear and Funvetseun

"AT LAST, PIETER-DIRK UYS, SOUTH AFRICA'S MOST FAMOUS politcal satirist, entertainer and AIDS activist, has penned a memoir. He takes us back to his upbringing in apartheid South Africa, his early days in the theatre, and the birth of his alter ego, Evita Bezuidenhout, the ambassador to the fictitous homeland of Bapetikosweti. He revisits his political satire, which exposed the absurdities of Whites Only policies and the ridiculousness of the fear surrounding them. He aslo writes frankly about his sexual journeys in a conservative, Calvinistic society that forbade interracial sex and homosexuality.
With the end of apartheid and the fall of the old tyrants, Uys wondered, did he still have a job to do? But a new democracy comes with its own challenges and absurdities, and the government continues to write his scripts for him. Whether he is educating voters or informing the youth about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, he goes to war against ignorance and complacency, brandishing his unique weapons: laughter, compassion ... and a plastic penis!
This is a book about journeys, both geographical and personal, a document of Pieter-Dirk Uys's love affair with South Africa and its people. Frank and controverial, hilarious and humane, Elections and Erections expresses his passion and anger towards present circumstances, and his hope and optimism for the future."

Foreign Aids ..................................... 2002 LISTENER's LIBRARY
- Recorded at On Broadway Cape Town on Monday 29 April 2002 -
1. Checking Today's Paper
2. Bambi Kellermann Gives A Blow Job
3. Recalling The Virus Of Apartheid
4. A New Minefield
5. Dr. Thabo Macbeki
6. Thabo Can Also Spell Botha
7. AIDS And 9/11
8. A First Sexual Experience
9. Sergeant Minnie Of The SAPS Tkes A Call For Help
10. Practice Makes PErfect
11. Calling It By Its Name
12. A School In Bonteheuwel
13. Among The Wheelchairs
14. Lunch At The Reformatory
15. A Free Pill In Hout Bay
16. The Nazareth House Angels
17. Do Something!
18. Madiba Magic

Foreign Aids is a full-length show about Aids, and most of the time it's very funny. How do you laugh at Aids? Uys can make a joke out of anything - but he says, we're not laughing at Aids. We're laughing at fear. So his character Bambi Kellermann, widow of a high-ranking Nazi whose ashes she carries around in a carved box, goes to London once a month to get her supply of triple therapy on the national health. For Bambi has HIV - and then Uys whips off the blond wig and shrugs on a surgical gown, and we've got Dr Thaboo MacBeki, the medical expert, spouting Shelley and Shakespeare (to be or not to be sure whether HIV causes Aids) and trying to smoke his pipe through a surgical mask.

Tannie Evita Praat Kak-Tus ................... LISTENER's LIBRARY
ISBN: 0620300744

A revisionist look at the history of white South Africa, from the arrival in 1652 of the Cactus of Seperate Development on the Drommedaris, through the Great Trek, Blood River, the 1948 Election and arrival of the National Party and official apartheid, through the birth of democracy and the reality of today. Tannie Evita, in English, takes you on a journey, a hilarious roller- coaster ride to freedom of expression.

Trekking To Teema ... 2000 www/2001 COMPRESS
ISBN: 9781919833101

A journey of identity and belonging in a changing South Africa. A passionate and complex tale of people in an unpredictable land. The story of a South African man who returns home and finds the one woman who remembers his past: his nanny. Together they travel through the nation, rediscovering the child he once was and meeting the country he had denied. He meets up with old school friends and discovers unexpected new friends as his travels reinvigorate his love for his country and its peoples.

Dekaffirnated (Or Calling A Spade A Spade) VHS/DVD 118min . 2039 1999 LODESTAR/NU-METRO

regisseur, Roger Smith

"DEKAFFERNATED is Pieter-Dirk Uys' latest one-man show that performed throughout South Africa during 1999 as well as sold-out seasons in Amsterdam and London. In this millenium look at the New South Africa, he takes the words that make people bleed - the ugly racist K-words, f-words and that all to frequently used L-word - LAUGHTER - and puts them into a healthy perspective with large doses of humour. Using different characters - becoming them in front of your eyes! Pieter-Dirk Uys presents two hours of equal-opportunity satire, in which South Africans can laugh at themselves and by so doing celebrate the miracle of the Rainbow Democracy. And in the middle of it all Mrs. Evita Bezuidenhout, the most famous white woman in South Africa, presenting her unique brand of designer-democracy and African Renaissance chic!"

Truth Ommissions .............. CDNIC 002 GALLO
1. Introduction
2. We Can't Find A Past?
3. Dressing To The Right
4. The Whole Truth
5. Members Of The Interm Standby Substitute Jury
6. PW Botha 1986
7. Why Isn't PW Here Today?
8. In The Wilderness 1997
9. On The Cape Flats 1987
10. Here is The Good News
11. Mid 80's - Errol Flynn Of The NP
12. Pik Botha 1987
13. Pik Retiered 1997
14. I'm Not Here
15. Files, Figures, Faces & Magnus

The Essential Evita Bezuidenhout . 1997 DAVID PHILLIPS PUBLISHERS
ISBN: 9780864863492

An A to Z of the inimitable Evita's opinions on almost everything. Compiled by Pieter-Dirk Uys.

Funigalore ..................... 1995 PENGUIN

"Evita's Real-life Adventures in Wonderland"

Evita Bezuidenhout, the grand horizontal of Afrikaner politics, now in this new South Africa is suddenly without a job! But, like a phoenix with lip gloss, rising from the ashes of her former racists, Evita returns as a reborn democrat who, like so many of her fellow racists, can't remember anyone who ever supported apartheid! Moving drmatically from her position behind the scenes, she displayed her newfound liberalism on national television in a series of interviews with the country's new leaders.

Evita's Funigalare was a huge success. Now, PIETER-DIRK UYS shares with us his 'honeymoon of hope', his own journey of discovery under the protective shadow of Evita's vast public aura, by taking us behind the scenes and onto the set of the TV series.

We learn
- why Evita went swimming with Joe Slovo in her pantihouse
- what Tony Leon's horses said to each other with Evita and Tony on their backs
- how the large woman on the Robben Island ferry reacted when Evita went into the men's toilet

Evita's guests confided more than their hobbies and their beliefs. From iceskating with Patricia de Lille, the last tango with Jay Naidoo, trout fishing with Cyril Ramaphosa, down a black hole with Pik Botha, a soiree with Tokyo Sexwale to her all important date with Madiba, they showed Evita their scars, their pain, their humanity, their compassion and their heartwarming humor.

In her unique way, the Godmother of the Nation encouraged us to believe that the healing energy of democracy will prevail. But let the unwary politician be warned: rest assured that Mevrou will be around in the future to monitor our Government of National Unity - and will be quick to pounce if there is any hint of regression! - omslag

The Great Comedy Trek - Volume 1 & 2DVD . 1992

"'The Great Comedy Trek' is a unique way to celebrate where we come from. Thanks to so many people and in spite of so many obstacles, we are still here and enjoying the beauty and passion of one of the most extraordinary countries and societies in the world.
Live from the Baxter Theatre - 1992."

Jezus in Johannesburg . 1992 AMBER (Amsterdam)

Een leven apart ...... . 1991 JAN METZ

A Part Hate A Part Love . 1990 RADIX/RANDOM CENTURY/1994 HOND
The Biography of Evita Bezuidenhout

PW Botha: In his own words . 1987 PENGUIN

No One's Died Laughing . 1986 PENGUIN

Skating On Thin Uys film . 1985 BRIGADIERS MUSIEK/BME/2007

South Africa's "first family". The Bezuidenhouts! Featuring all the members of the legendary First Family of Bapetikosweti, plus those peoples of the republic of South Africa.

vetseunvetseunLAAI AF
Skating On Thin Uys LP . HMV 10000 1985 HER MASTER'S VOICE
- The Bapetikosweti Broadcasting Corporation presents Special Report
- The South African Ambassador Mrs. Evita Bezuidenhout Skates On Thin Uys
- with music by Gerry Bosman; lyrics by Pieter-Dirk Uys
- and memoirs from Mimi Coertse, Dr. Connie Mulder, Dr. Piet Koornhof, Mrs. Helen Suzman,
- Pierre de Wet, Divan Serfontein, Anneline Kriel, Chris du Toit and other, en ander
Side/Kant 1:
1. The Bapetikosweti National Anthem
2. The Bapetikosweti Broadcasting Corporation presents Special Report: Mrs. Evita Bezuidenhout Skates On Thin Uys
3. The National Film Board Of Bapetikosweti presents: Skating On Thin Uys: a foreword
4. Oil Gets Discovered
5. Evita's March
6. Marching To Pretoria
7. Die Swart Gat
8. The Official Act
Side/Kant 2:
1. "No Way" sung by BJ & The Koek Sisters (Music by Gerry Bosman & Clarabelle van Niekerk, Lyrics by Pieter-Dirk Uys)
2. At Home
3. Love Theme
4. Blanche-Noir
5. The Witchdoctor
6. "Bapetikosweti Blues" sung by BJ & The Koek Sisters (Music by Gerry Bosman, Lyrics by Pieter-Dirk Uys)
7. Leaving And Entering
8. The Kosweti Accord
9. Apartheid / Apartlove
10. A Scene From The Film: Evita goes to ask dominee to do the impossible
11. "Die Huwelikslied" sung by Mimi Coertse (Based on an old tune arranged by Gerry Bosman with lyrics by Pieter-Dirk Uys and Johann Vos)
12. Skating On Thin Uys - Sung by The Leader with Koek Sisters (Music by Gerry Bosman, lyrics by Pieter-Dirk Uys and the Government)

- As Produced By The National Film Board Of Bapetikosweti
- Directed: Bromley Cawood; Starring: Evita Bezuidenhout and her family,
- her Government, her Opposition and her friends.
- Music composed by: Gerry Bosman; Lyrics: Pieter-Dirk Uys
- Performed by: The National Philharmonic Orchestra Of Bapetikosweti
- Vocals by: "BJ & The Koek Sisters"

No Way / Bapetikosweti Blues 7" . HMVS 50 1985 HER MASTER'S VOICE
Kant Een:
1. No Way (G. Bosman/C. van Niekerk/P.D. Uys)
Kant Twee:
1. Bapetikosweti Blues (G. Bosman/P.D. Uys)

From the HER MASTER'S VOICE album "Skating On Thin Uys" HMV 10000
Sung by BJ & The Koek Sisters
Daughter Of Evita Bezuidenhout

- A Legal Assembly in to Riotous Acts -

Tessa & Thoko LP ....... PVBL 9001 1980 PVB MUSIC
Kant Een:
1. The Ceremony
2. Lady Luvverley's Chatter
3. Pasgetroud
4. The Man From The P.C.B.
5. The Newscast And Whether Report
Kant Twee:
1. The Rehearsal
2. Gommaliedjies: Ou Galiema; Dammetjie Se Val
3. Tribute To An Old Tart
4. Maids & Madams (Part 1: The Northern Suburbs)
5. Just A Gigolo
6. Maids & Madams (Part 2: Sun City)
7. Die Nuwe Musiek En Liriek

Die van Aardes van Grootoor . 1979 TAURUS

Die Spaanse Vlieg
film DVD 81min . MNETDVD-090 1978 KAVALIER FILMS/M-NET
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Willem is Kootjie Emmer
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Hot Chocolate Sauce ...................... 1976 RPM

70 Years Young 2LP .............................. READER's DIGEST
- The Cape Town Symphony Orchestra - Pieter-Dirk Uys -

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