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Ons Geskiedenis Serie

1943 - Met Cronjé Aan Die Wesfront (Ons Geskiedenis-Serie) - F.D. Conradie
1942 - Oomblikke Van Spanning (Biografie) (Ons Geskiedenis Serie) - P.J. du Plessis

Met Cronjé Aan Die Wesfront - F.D. Conradie . 1943 NASIONALE PERS
- Waarom het die Boere die oorlog verloor?

1943 - In die skaduwee van die dood (Gen P.H. Kritzinger) - Ds. R.D. McDonald

Die Pad Van Die Veroweraar - Generaal J.C.G. Kemp . 1942 NASIONALE PERS

Eng. trans.: "The Road of the Conqueror". Anglo-Boer War memoir of one of the ablest Boer Generals (2nd of 2 volumes - this vol. starts with the Peace of Vereeniging, covers the 1914 rebellion and ends with Kemp as cabinet minister).

Oomblikke Van Spanning (Biografie) - P.J. du Plessis . 1942 NASIONALE PERS

The Story of the Fouché Commando and the raiding in the Eastern Cape and the Midlands. Fouché's Commando consisted of Cape rebels who faced execution for treason if caught, which indeed was the fate of some.

Talana - Dr. G.S. Preller .. 1942 NASIONALE PERS
. Die Drie Generaals-slag by Dundee met Lewensskets van Genl. Daniel Erasmus

Relates the history of the run-up to the A-B War and the first battles in Natal.

Vir Vryheid En Vir Reg - Generaal J.C.G. Kemp . 1941 NASIONALE PERS

English translation: "For Freedom & Justice". Anglo-Boer War memoir of one of the ablest Boer Generals (1st of 2 volumes - this vol. ends with the Peace of Vereeniging).

Op Die Natalse Front - E.J. Weeber . 1940 NASIONALE PERS
- (1 Oktober 1899 - 31 Mei 1900)

The war memoirs of the author who participated in all the main battles on the Natal front in the early phase of the A-B War.

Scheepers se Dagboek - Dr. G.S. Preller . 1940 NASIONALE PERS
- en die Stryd in Kaapland (1 Okt. 1901 - 18 Jan. 1902)

The tragic story of Gideon Scheepers, his campaigns, capture, trial & execution which led to him becoming an inspiration, a legend and folk hero to his countrymen.

Volksaltare - H.C.J. Pieterse . 1940 NASIONALE PERS
- 'n Veteraan van die Eerste Vryheidsoorlog

The personal reminiscences of Burgher P.C. Joubert, who were at the battles of Bronkhorstspruit, Skuinshoogte, Laing's Nek, Majuba and the war with Modjadje in 1894.

Kaapland en die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog - C.J.S. Strydom . 1937/1943 NASIONALE PERS

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