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Michael Naicker
Seeing Double, Feeling Single DVD . NEXTDV 027 2011 NEXT MUSIC
- Recdorded Live At The Lyric Theatre

Funny Chow Live DVD . DVDEMCJ6409 2007 EMI

Michael Naicker, or 'Super Mike', to his friends, is the super-cool, rebel-without-a-clue, South African Indian comedy character, created by Kevin Perkins. Considered by Perkins to be his alter ego, Mike has taken South Africa by storm, moving his creator himself to admit, "I've created a monster".
For the first time, Kevin Perkins' (a.k.a. Michael Naicker) huge fanbase will be treated to a full length DVD, featuring not only his sold out recent performance at Emperor's Palace in Gauteng but also packed with bonus features, including some of his best-ever skits and video footage.

Bling While You're Winning . CDEMCJ 6347 EMI
1. If Mike Naicker Hosted Survior
2. Super Mike
3. Rent A Blind O
4. Chiropractors
5. Csi
6. Golf
7. Captain Naicker
8. Nip Tuck And All
9. Fly Fishing
10. Naaiprop
11. Swinging Parties
12. East Coast Radio Out Takes Intro
13. Ecr #1
14. Ecr #2
15. Ecr #3
16. Epilogue

Skidmarks ............... CDEMCJ 6266 2005 EMI
1. Knight Rider Theme
2. Super Polo
3. Da Rabbi
4. Best Man
5. Indian Minister Of Defense
6. Fresh Chipati (Song)
7. Lord Of The Rings
8. Mike Subaru
9. Indian Jockey
10. And Then I Moered Him (Song)
11. Conservative Party
12. Connections, connextions
13. The Big Wrapper Throwaway (Song)
14. Night On The Town
15. One liners
16. Da Return Of Da Rabbi
17. Outro

The King of comedy and sms and internet jokes is about to release his debut CD and the material is all there to make Michael Naicker as big a Leon Schuster or Barry Hilton CD's .
Michael Naicker already has a HUGE following in South Africa with a mailing list of 500 000 people and sold out shows wherever he performs. He is a full time comedian that performs at functions day in day out.
The comedian, Kevin Perkins performs skits and songs in disguise as your general South African Indian person. He jokes about supped up cars, South Africa and many other hilarious, and sometimes raunchy, explicit topics.
The album was produced by Kevin Kruger, the producer of the classic Leon Schuster comedy CD's that have broken various sales records in S.A.
This comedy sketch CD will bring the laughter into people's homes and will make MICHAEL NAICKER into a household name. The album also includes three parody songs.

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