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Ubuntu Project: We Don't Talk Anymore
kompilasie .......................................... 2008 EACH ONE TEACH ONE
1. Intro
2. Struggling Spirit met Brown
3. Skit
4. Talk It Out met Lee-Ursus
5. Skit
6. Step Into The Sun met EJ, Flomega & Jitsvinger
7. The Future
8. For The People met EJ, Teba & Jitsvinger
9. Schwerelos Prelude
10. Schwerelos
11. In This Life met Mariama & Flomega
12. Skit
13. Dink 'n Bietjie met Dokte
14. Keman met Crystal
15. Skit
16. Wir Gehen Diesen Weg met Young Soldiers
17. Der Ursprungvetseun
18. Extra, Extra met Onejiru & Sulal Kool
19. Town Two met Brown & Mpilisi
20. Gerade Kurven
21. Parabels Of Paradox met Eavesdrop
22. It's Not All Good met Doro Pesch & Brown
23. Skit
24. My Sister met Controversy
25. Dream Poem met Sticks Mdidimba

This project and CD is supposed to lend a voice to the children and youth around the Western Cape/South Africa and all over the world. This album is dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King to keep alive his dreams of world living in sisterhood and brotherhood.
Our respect also goes to the KhoiSan people in southern Africa and their profound knowledge and wisdom. We want to focus on meaning and tradition . Language and music posses immense symbolic power.
This project features Brown, Lee Urses, EJ, Jitsvinger, Flomega, Teba, Mariama, Dokte, Crystal, Young Soldiers, Evesdrop, Controversy, DJ Phax Mulder, Big Lebasti and more!

Ubuntu Project: From Pieces to Peace
kompilasie .......................................... 2007 EACH ONE TEACH ONE
1. Intro
2. Bleib in Bewegung met Zolani Mahola & Josh Hawks
3. Tagebuch Part 2
4. Not macht erfinderisch met Clueso
5. Blood on my hands met Brown
6. Spurlos met Miss Flint, flowin'immo & Jim Dunloop
7. Gemeinsamkeiten met Jitsvinger
8. Skit
9. Bürger dieser Welt (Single)
10. Skit
11. Freundschaft met Miss Flint & Adrift
12. UnFairTradeBar met Flomega
13. My name is AIDS met Form 1 & the Mvula Primary School students
14. BRE-CPT met Controvery aka Verse C
15. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika met the Andile School Choir

This Album bridges the gap between Germany and South Africa, speaking out messages of hope, HIV awareness and much more! Phax Mulder and Big LeBasti on the production with guest features by Flomega, Fom 1, Adrift, Zolani & Josh of Freshlyground, Brown and many more! - facebook

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