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Operette Gala
CD/DVD kompilasie . NEXTCD 436 2013 NEXT MUSIC
Disk 1:
1. Der Zigeunerbaron - Czecho-Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra
2. Du Sollst Der Kaiser Meiner Seele Sein - Lucia Popp
3. Gern hab' Ich Die Frau 'n Gekusst - Janos Berkes
4. Mein Herr Marquis - Ingrid Keresi
5. Wenn Es Abend Wird - Nicolai Gedda - Richard Tauber
6. Lippen schweigen - Joan Sutherland
7. My Hero - Ingrid Keresi
8. Adieu, Mein Kleiner Gardeoffizier - Mimi Coertse
9. Vilja-Lied - Janos Berkes
10. Niemand Liebt Dich So Wie Ich - Janos Berkes
11. Ganz Ohne Weiber - Ingrid Keresi & Janos Berkes
12. Tanzen m cht ich - Werner Krenn & Renate Holm
13. Lieber Freund . Bist du s Lachendes Gl ck
14. Schenkt Man Sich Rosen in Tirol - Erika Koth & Rudolf Schock
15. Wer Uns Getraut - Elisabeth Schwarzkopf & Nicolai Gedda
16. Trinke, Liebchen, Trinke Schnell - Zsuzsa Csonka, Ingrid Keresi & Janos Berkes
17. Das eine kann ich nicht verzeih'n - Hulde Guden, Robert Stolz & Rudolf Schock
Disk 2:
1. Die Fledermaus - Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra
2. Dein ist mein ganzes Herz! - Peter Seiffert
3. Im Chambre Separee - Mimi Coertse
4. O Madchen, Mein Madchen - Franz Volker
5. Auch Ich War Einst Feiner Csardaskavalier Komm, Zigan - Fritz Wunderlich
6. Nonnechor und Lied der Laura - Lucia Popp
7. Komm In Die Gondel - Nicolai Gedda
8. Hab ich Nur Deine Liebe - Renate Holm & Rudolf Schock
9. Mein Liebeslied Muss Ein Walzer Sein - Ingrid Keresi & Janos Berkes
10. Allein, Wieder Allein...Es Steht Ein Soldat am Wolgastrand - Nicolai Gedda
11. Machen Wir's Den Schwalben Nach - Ingrid Keresi & Janos Berkes
12. Klange Der Heimat - Gundula Janowitz
13. Wie Mein Ahnl Zwanzig Jahr - Fritz Wunderlich
14. Komm Mit Nacht Varasdin - Zsuzsa Csonka & Janos Berkes
15. Zwei Herzen im Dreivierteltakt - Richard Crooks
16. Als Flotter Geist - Janos Berkes
17. Bruderlein und Schwesterlein - Petra-Maria Schnitzer, Renata Pokupic & Michael Volle

The two CDs include performances by some old favourites like Lucia Popp, Richard Tauber, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf & Nicolai Gedda, Fritz Wunderlich and Mimi Coertse with version of Im Chambre Separ e from Der Opernball. It also introduce some new young stars like Ingrid Keresi, J nos Berkes and Zsuzsa Csonka, The English-language production bonus DVD of Franz Leh r's most famous operetta The Merry Widow was taped live on December 8, 2001 in the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. Christopher Hassall's Gilbert-and-Sullivanish English translation of the original German lyrics is used here, but this time around, we are given a new book by Wendy Wasserstein (The Wendy Chronicles). Wasserstein tones down the cozy Viennese romance and brings the Widow closer to Broadway, but without changing the outlines of the plot. It's a difficult task, and she does it well, but she doesn't avoid some traps. She inserts topical jokes about California's energy woes, questionable accents (why does Madame Bogdanovitch sound like Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday ?), and jokes that were familiar the first time they were told in the Catskills. Like revision authors before her, Wasserstein can't hide the fact that The Merry Widow has 45 minutes of plot padded to three times its length, and that the padding can be clumsy and unconvincing. Lofti Mansouri's production his last before retirement from the San Francisco Opera is crammed with characters, costumes, and business of one sort of another. In spite of how busy it is, it's a visual delight, a perfect holiday gift for the San Franciscans, and now for us.
The cast is uniformly excellent. This was Kenny's first Merry Widow. Her voice is weightier than that of most Annas she sounds ready for Richard Strauss' Four Last Songs! Some of her high notes are strained, but that's life. One thing seems clear: she's a little too old for Bo Skovhus's boyishly irresponsible Danilo! He's charming in the role, but it will be another ten years before he is totally right for it. As the second pair of lovers, the adorable Kirchschlager and Turay look (and sound) absolutely right. The many small roles are done with great personality and character by the company members. Kunzel's conducting is appropriately Viennese, but not without a touch of Broadway pizzazz.
The DVD looks and sounds as attractive as the production. There are two bonuses: a ten-minute synopsis, and an interesting twenty-minute collection of "impressions" by Kenny, Skovhus, Kirchschlager, Turay, and Mansouri.
Put together by well-known radio personality Wouter de Wet makes this the ultimate operette collection on CD and DVD.

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