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Steve Booysen - My Musical Boardroom
kompilasie ............. STORMCD 005 2010 STORM REKORDZ
1. Couldn't Get It Right - Mel Botes
2. Jeans On - Liesl du Toit
3. They Shoot Horses Don't They - Anna Davel
4. Bee Gees Medley - Veraz
5. Arms Of Mary - Mathys Roets
6. Superman - Natasja Jacobs
7. Valerie - Clint Cunningham
8. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Kurt Darren
9. Howzat - Lara Frances
10. The Other Side Of The Road - John Delinger
11. I Love You - Danie Niehaus
12. My Friend The Wind - Tobi Jooste
13. Yesterday's Hero - Nicholis Louw
14. Year Of The Cat - Bobby Louw
15. Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Irene van Wyk
16. The Sweet Medley - Andries Botha
17. Runnin' With The Devil - Ghapi
18. ABBA Medley - Ses Snare

The profile of this exceptional business leader has another very interesting dimention. Dr Steve Booysen, former group executive of Absa Group Ltd, and Professor in Accounting at the University of Pretoria, released his very own, very first CD. The first question that springs to mind - does he sing now? The answer is simple - No definately not. This remarkable man has a passion for the arts - more especially for music. He decided to release a CD with music from his personal music collection - the era, late 1970's to early 1980's. Every single song selected for this album have a special meaning and memory connected to it. Steve has a personal music collection of over 7000 CDs, 10 000 songs on a jukebox and his own personal carioke system. His album was titled "Steve Booysen - My Musical Boardroom" with specific reasons. It is well known that Steve spent most of his life in a corporate and many hours in a boardroom, but this time around he decided to fill his boardroom with musical flair and talent. He invited and involved South African musicians whom he selected to record this album. They were handpicked and range from very well known - to some fresh and promising talent. Top talent in South Africa such as Kurt Darren, Nicholis Louw, Andries Botha, Mathys Roets, Mel Botes, Ana Davel, Danie Niehaus and Ghapi to mention a few, feature on this album. Fresh and talented new names such as Veraz, Lara Frances and Jon Delinger will surprise every listener with their amazing demonstration of talent on this album. The genre of the music for this album is a combination of glam-rock; reggae and disco that was creatively recorded to suprise with some interesting listening pleasure. Music from the Bee Gees, ABBA, Van Morrisson and Smokie to name a few was re-created into this exciting new album.

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