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Loof Die Here
kompilasie ................ NEXTCD 389 2012 NEXT MUSIC/RSG
1. Halleluja
2. Magaliesburgse Aandlied
3. Hoe Groot Is U
4. Plea From Africa
5. Hoe Lieflik Is Sion
6. Auf! Auf! Mein Herz, Mit Freuden
7. Psalm 42
8. Panis Angelicus
9. Messe Solennelle De St. Cecile
10. The Holy City
11. All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name
12. Old Hundredth
13. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
14. Pie Jesu (Requiem)
15. Amazing Grace
16. Die Himmel R--hmen (Die Ehre Gottes Aus Der Natur op. 48 nr. 4)
17. Highland Cathedral
18. Ambrosiaanse Lofgesang

The first broadcast of 'Alle Volke Loof die Here' was on the 5th of February 1972 on the former Afrikaanse Diens. The 40th anniversary of the program was festively launched with music chosen by the listeners and is reflected on the first 11 tracks on Disc One. The album also contains several bonus tracks, including 'Old Hundreth' as well as six recordings that was commissioned during Loof Die Here's 30th Anniversary at the Pretoria State Hall. The second disc comprises of numerous popular works that had been broadcasted in the four decades of the program.An aim of the program was to introduce listeners to a variety of spiritual music from all over the world. Throughout the ages, believers congregated to praise God. And as a result musicians, poets and artists of all ages and walks of life contributed their share to the rich treasure of spiritual music that we have today - music that often refreshes and inspires. .Perhaps it explains - more so than any other reason - the continued interest and growth of 'Loof Die Here; on RSG.
May the music on this album contribute to a greater love and appreciation of the spiritual song in all its rich shades: from the easiest song to the greatest choral and orchestral works.
Fanie Smit = Presenter: Loof Die Here (1972 - 2012)

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