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Kwaito - Video Collection Vol. 1
DVD kompilasie . DVDHEITA013 HEITA!
1. M'Du Or Die - M'Du
2. Ungawa Kum - Thebe
3. Sweety Lavo - Trompies
4. Siyadla - Tsitsibana
5. Isphithipithi - Brothers Of Peace
6. Gagu - Mawillies
7. Thath'isgubhu - Bongo Maffin
8. Ngoma - Baphixile
9. Fong Kong - Hunger Boyz
10. O Suna Mang - M'Du
11. Spikiri - Vibe Lezinto
12. Jindi Snayi - Skizo
13. It's On - Boom Shaka
14. Emotions - Tiny & Khanyo
15. All I Need - Ntokozo
16. Back On The Block - Sharon D
17. Mazolo - M'Du
18. Bum Jive - Ma Kap Kap
19. Bafana Bonke - Mafikizolo
20. Kunjalo Kunjalo - Mashamplani

More than a decade after it first came onto the scene, kwaito remains one of the country's favourite genres.
Brewed right here in South Africa, kwaito is one of the signature sounds of the country's liberation. This KWAITO VIDEO COLLECTION features some of the genre's innovators as well as later purveyors.
Chief among the fore is M'Du whose 'M'Du or Die' is considered a classic track and opens this collection. Other music videos by this master of the genre include 'O Suna Mang' and 'Mazola'.
Other artists featured on the album include Trompies, MaWillies, Boom Shaka, Sharon D and Mashamplani as well as Tiny & Khanyo. These classics are joined by some clips from current favourites, like Mafikizolo who offer up the great video 'Bafana Bonke'.

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