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Kiss FM - Vol. 4 - Mixed By Manuel
kompilasie ...................... DGR 1595 2007 DAVID GRESHAM
1. Stupidisco - Junior Jack
2. Belmonde Rulez
3. (It's All About You) - Dr. Kucho met Jodie
4. Somebody To Love - Boogie Pimps
5. David (Tim Delux Remix) - Gus Gus
6. Gia (DJ Gregory Remix) - Despina Vandi
7. Gonna Make You Sweat (Kaiser Souzai Remix) - Oliver Moldan
8. Da Hype - Junior Jack met Robert Smith
9. Hit My Heart (Vision Remix) - Benassi Bros. met Dany
10. Straight Ahead - Tube & Berger met Chrissie Hynde
11. This Is Entertainment - Voodoo & Serano
12. One Way Out - Niels van Gogh
13. Nightmare (Chiller Twist Snowdrop Remix) - Brainbug
14. If U Want Me - Michael Woods met Imogen Bailey
15. Restless - JX
16. It's Up To You (Dumonde Remix) - Rank 1
17. Small Town Boy - DJ Tom / Patrick Marsh

This is the 4th in a very successful series of dance albums and gives a well-needed face-lift to the project as well as for the first time having a full sponsor for the project; so welcome onboard B Mobile. With this face-lift comes a tracklisting as strong as an Espresso at 6am in the morning. The album features Junior Jack 's new smash hit 'Da Hype ' as well as 'Stupidisco '. The Huge hit 'Somebody To Love ' from the Boogie Pimps, the ever-rocking Despina Vandi with her hit 'Gia ' as well as ageless trancers Rank 1, Niels van Gogh and Brainbug. The album is again mixed by one of SA 's premium DJ 's Manuel Oettl (biog will be attached) who is currently riding the crest of a popularity wave that will work hand in hand with the strength of the tracklisting and backing of a sponsor in making this a priority buy for any dance music fan. The album takes a journey through different styles of dance music starting out very housey with the likes of Junior Jack, Dr. Kucho and the massive hit by Gus Gus 'David ' - get reworked by house 's man of the moment Tim Deluxe. From there it moves into a more electro house sound with Oliver Moldan and Benny B into some break beat with the massive Tube and Berger featuring Chryssie Hynde of The Pretenders being the perfect bridge between the house and trance sections of the mix. The trance section starts off with a bang with the new one from Voodoo and Serano going into the new Niels van Gogh which is bound to be another massive track. There is also a remake of the revolutionary trance record of its time 'Nightmare ' by Brainbug to bring out those feelings of nostalgia for those that have been around the party block. The album ends on a very epic trance trip with the likes of Rank 1 and DJ Tom being thrown into the mix to round this baby off beautifully, you will press the restart button, not to worry, this is a normal reaction! ENJOY!

Kiss FM - Vol. 2 - Mixed By Lock 'n Load
kompilasie ....................... DGR 1497 2000 DAVID GRESHAM
1. Intro - Lock 'n Load
2. I Can Cast A Spell - Disco Tex
3. Feelin' Good - Hostyle
4. Angel In My Heart - Alex K Vs Amen met Annie Lennox
5. Keep On Dancing - Mass Medium
6. On The Move - Barthezz
7. House Some More - Lock 'n Load
8. Sounds Of Goodbye - Perpetuous Dreamer
9. Fiji - Atlantis Vs Avatar
10. Operation Blade - Public Domain
11. Blood Is Pumping - Voodoo Vs Serano
12. The Music Turns Me On - Bass Bumpers
13. Ssshhh Listen - Jonah
14. Home - Coast 2 Coast
15. Ocean Of Emotion - DJ Session 1
16. Never Look Back - Dumonde
17. Beauty Of Silence - Svenson & Gielen
18. Soul On Soul - System F

Kiss FM - Mixed By Lady Lea & Shannon
2CD kompilasie ............. DGR 1687 2007 DAVID GRESHAM
Disk 1:
1. Intro - Gucci
2. Blame - Sono
3. Jake Childs met J.A.M.O.M - Gonna Make Ya
4. Delarka - Greenloop
5. M -The Power
6. F To The F - Wheels In Motion
7. Harrison Crump - Gone
8. Tim Andresen - Everybody
9. Rithma - Wish I Could Be Beautiful
10. F.E.D.O - Be Original
11. Justin Martin - The Fugitive
12. Bugz In The Attic - Don't Stop The Music
13. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
14. Jake Childs met Lady Lea - Joburg Hustlaz
15. Steve Angello & Laidback Luke - Otherwize Then
16. Hook 'n Sling & Kid Kenobi
17. Beatz Cool - Das Mach Isch
18. Danny Freakazoid - Teken
19. Outro - Gucci
Disk 2:
1. Junior Jack - See You Dancin'
2. Onionz met El Feco - Woman Of The Sun
3. Rookie - I'll Do You
4. The Bulgarian - Ignition
5. Bassnectar met Kristina Maria - Yo
6. Elektrons - Dirty Basement
7. Greenkeepers - Polo Club
8. Sharon Phillips - Want 2
9. Loose Cannons - Why You
10. Arno Cost & Arias - Magneta
11. Steve Angello - Teasing Mr. Charlie
12. Charlie May Vs Sasha - Seal Clubbing
13. Dean Fuel Vs Sentrafuge - Trippin' Out
14. Bodyrox met Luciana - Yeah Yeah
15. Roger Sanchez - Lost

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