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Kaapstad vs Everybody
vetseunLAAI AF
- M3lky021, ShaanDaKulid, Vlaktes, Amy Brown, Chella021, DJ Gakkie, Heinie-G, Static Twist,
- Sheena, Jaki$ Obama, Juic3, Krapie Die Don, Miss Understood, Hottnot Ghot, Velosity,
- StayC Dash, Raymon Spitfire, K-Rhyme, Miss Lia, Wll@, Imie Vani Delft met YesPlsNdThnkYou
- Engineered by A.B.C.Beats

Melky aka M3lky021, September 2, 2018vetseun

It's Kaapstad Vs almal, this group Imaculit with the music
Mense Miss Understood The movement until I started recruiting
Koppeled with KallidKlongs, to Spitfire with Velosity
Static Twist with ferocity when we show you just how we do it
Se vir jou ma jy't haar Favorate rapper gesien
The Bombforce of this Cape Verse, felt from the State to Eersterivier
ek is Vannie Plek in S.A. waar hulle hip hop eerste kommeet
Up country Taking the Kos en ons is die mense wat die minste moet vriet
Talent is Gaga oppie Vlaktes, S.A. gonna need help
kom skarrel mettie Kriminal vannie dorp en Imie Vanie Delf
Bringing the Cash in
bridging the gap with passion
I'm back in
smash in
fellas hide your ladies before StayC Dash in
that's it get the lettuce like vegans, we don't need beef
as broeders bond trap ons ie game soos n Sosa beat
had a drive to succeed, maar konnie afFORD te FOCUS ie
now the mission is for them to Notice US before the notice me
its kaapstad, ons stan saam, oppie lang pad, ons stap saam
soos n picsteel ons kaap an
digging a hole coz jozi knows our city is gold
Claiming a shortage of H2O, but now witness these Watrs flow
let's go, we taking it all,
but staying humble and Grateful
well mannered when we came through
but if you don't wanna give it then we'll make you
shank you
then take it, with a YesPlsNdThnkYou
we want the Kroon,
but we'll take over the game too
nai GHOT,
Gimme a side order of fame too
sy naam is M-3-L-K-Y 021,
they better know that name too
im gums ready to take your cake bru
I got the Faith, and I kap safe
coz I got my mense with me
since birth i been living for the city Kaapstad represent, hastag ken jou plek
See I'm kaapstad till the death You can tell it from a distance
ek is n Engels bru maar my Afrikaans slat wet
I'm kaapstad like Gatsbys and Jive
Black Labels en vis braai
Brown and proudly Cape Town with my fist high
check this guy, no disguise, look into this eyes
I'm 29 and not even the youngstas in cpt are this nice

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