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Hip Hop Summit 2005
DVD kompilasie ................ 2007 EMI
1. Intro - Pro-Kid
2. UngaphelUmoya Son - Pro-Kid
3. Intro - HHP
4. Tswaka - HHP
5. Hunger Strike - Bhubesi
6. Don't Cry (Intro) - Randy P
7. Watch Your Back - Randy P
8. Zwakala emzansi - Young Nations
9. Isono Sami - Zuluboy
10. Vulingqondo - Zuluboy
11. Ubwogable - Gidi Gidi Maji Maji
12. Kohl de Browny - Kohinoor
13. Elengwen - Emmanuel Jal
14. Lady P - Lady P
15. Intro - Proverb
16. A Letter to my Ex - Proverb
17. Intro - DJ Awadi
18. Le Cri Du People - DJ Awadi
19. People, People - Tumi And The Volume
20. Srugglin - KNaan
21. Royalty - Guru/Gangstarr

South Africa hosted the first African Hip-Hop Summit and Concert in Newtown, Johannesburg from October 19th to 23rd, 2005. The Summit and Concert represented the African follow up to the first Global Hip-Hop Summit, Encounter and Concert held in Barcelona, Spain in September of 2004 during the 2nd World Urban Forum. The Hip-Hop Concert in South Africa also served as part of the global preparations for a second Global Hip-Hop Summit to be held in Vancouver in June 2006 at the 3rd World Urban Forum.
The Concert was organized by Native Rhythms Productions as part of the UN-HABITATs global initiative called the Messengers of Truth Project, whose main purpose was to bring together socially committed hip-hop artists, youth organisations, NGO's, governments, the media and the private sector to help raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and to reach out to more than 300 million youths living in slums and help raise awareness about their plight.
15 artists from South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, North America and Europe performed at this party with a purpose as part of their tireless effort through their music and positive lyrics in addressing the plight of youth and the challenges they face, be they crime, drugs, HIV/AIDS or their general living conditions.

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