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Groter As Ooit - Afrikaanse Treffers
kompilasie ................... LEOCD266 2012 LEO MUSIEK
1. Jou Volla
2. Juliet
3. Jy Vat My Hoër
4. Voel Die Energie
5. Koe-Ma-Doe
6. Pantoffels
7. Laaste Kans
8. Liefde Soldaat
9. Lekkerste Lyfie
10. Gee Gee Gee
11. All Days
12. SMS
13. Wat Is Sy Vir Jou
14. Die Boer Soek 'n Vrou
15. Hey Mama
16. Drome Is Bedrog
17. My Baby Is Weg
18. Muse
19. Nie Meer Hier
20. Hier's My Hart

Many compilation albums have seen the light and music lovers can pick and choose from the shelves. However, few albums are compiled in such a way that the selection of songs will cater for each and every taste, from the very youngest listener to the old timer. This is a brand new compilation and promises to be a very popular compilation with South Africas most popular male & female artists and is a must have CD.
This is the first volume in many to follow. This compilation includes: Juanita du Plessis, Steve Hofmeyr; Andriëtte, Zak van Niekerk; Chereé and many more of our favourite and popular artists. Leo Musiek proudly presents Groter As Ooit Afrikaanse Treffers!

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