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God Bless The Child
kompilasie ................. CDNHM 021 2007 NATANIËL HOUSE OF MUSIC
1. You Are The Dream - Kyle Grant
2. All Ways - Nataniël & Lindiwe Alam
3. Words - Niemand
4. Feels Like Rain - Lydia vom Hagenvetseun
5. The Boy Inside - Sean Butler
6. How Long - Tonia Selley
7. Pieces Of Your Heart - Brandon October
8. Muntu Wesilisa - The Mahotella Queens
9. Silver Moon - Dihan Slabbert
10. Take You Home - Wess-Lee
11. Light A Light - Nataniël
12. Bring The Child - Lulu Dikana
13. Love's Supposed To Be - Heinz Winckler
14. Ev'rybody's Gotta Play A Part - Mynie Grové
15. God Bless The Child - Charl du Plessis

Iconic South African personality Nataniël has recently been appointed as the South African ambassador for Child Welfare. As the first project to raise funds for this worthy cause, Nataniël has gathered 15 of his closest artist friends. Together they have compiled God Bless The Child, a collection of inspiring songs by some of South Africa's foremost singers, songwriters and artists. This beautiful album features the likes of Niemand, Brandon October, Heinz Winckler and Mynie Grové and of course the master himself Nataniël to mention a few. The production of this album as well as art design, musicians and studios have been donated, and all artist proceeds from this album are donated to the Child Welfare organisation.

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