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Afro Cool: SA Smooth Jazz Hits
kompilasie .................... SSPCD 102 2008 SHEER
1. Musa Manzini - Blue Bass
2. Jonathan Butler met Kirk Whalum - Dancing on the shore
3. Sipho Gumede - Peacocks today, Featherdusters tomorrow
4. Moses Khumalo - He Said
5. Sibongile Khumalo - There's Music in the Air
6. Gloria Bosman - Fever
7. Sheer All Stars - Dreams do come true
8. SOCIETY VIBES - Dolphin Dream
9. McCoy Mrubata - Cape Samba
10. Ernie Smith - Any Kind of Love
11. Derrick Schippers - Free Spirit
12. Four Fourty - Us + Them = 1
13. Wessel van Rensburg - So Fine
14. Allou April - Thank you
15. Prince Kupi met Andy Narell - Ozone Layer

A collection of tracks in the "smooth jazz" genre from the South African scene. Aside from the traditional and contemporary jazz talents, many of our local jazz cream is just as much at home banging out smooth grooves. From Jonathan Butler (with featured guest Kirk Whalum), to Sipho Gumede, Ernie Smith, Gloria Bosman, and Musa Manzini - these tracks are silky smooth and slick. Easy to get down to and jam or chill in the car on a long trip, or just go with the flow and sit back to the smooth and sublime on a Sunday afternoon!

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