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Straight outta Benoni: Crazy Monkey
film 2DVD ........................ 2005 CRAZY MONKEE

"A story about two guys living on the edge... of Benoni"

met Brendan Jack, Gavin Williams, Brett Goldin, Colin Moss, Louw Venter, Tanit Phoenix, Kagiso Lediga, Danny K, regisseur, Trevor Clarence

Brendan and Gavin are lifelong friends who feel comfortable with fame and international adoration. Even though they haven't achieved it yet. They're just like any other small town guys - they enjoy playing in a band, reviewing book reviews and busting mad sickness whenever they can. They also have brand new jobs in advertising. Unfortunately their world falls apart after they lose their jobs, a day before their ten-year school reunion - a day they've dreamt about for, well, ten years.

klankbaan ................... CDRPM 1908 2005 GALLO
1. Hey Do You Think?vetseun
2. Good Life - Inner City
3. Alone To Decide - My Orchard
4. Once We Were Busking
5. Gay Bar - Electric 6
6. Good Life - The Finkelstiens
7. Swampsweat - Felix Laband
8. I'm Not A Loser
9. Too Cool For School - My Orchard
10. Phat - Wickhead
11. Ponyland - Felix Laband
12. Natural Instinct - My Orchard
13. Bowls Music - Joe Arthur
14. At School
15. Black Shoes - Felix Laband
16. Sweetest Lies - My Orchard
17. Forward Moonwalk
18. I Could Love You - Danny K
19. Summer Movin' - Flash Republic
20. Love In Da Club - Danny K
21. What Do You Think God Did?
22. Bowls Music - Joe Arthur

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