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Vaatjie Sien Sy Gat

film DVD 91min .............. 2008 STER-KINEKOR

met Gerhard Odendaal (Die Rolmodelle), Andrew Thompson, Lizz Meiring, Willie Esterhuizen, Carien Botha, skryf, produseer, Willie Esterhuizen, produseer, Pieter Esterhuizenvetseun

"Vaatjie sien sy gat!" is a brand new Afrikaans comedy written and directed by Willie Esterhuizen. It is a spin off from "Poena is Koning" but not a Poena 2. Some of the characters from the Poena film were retained, but the storyline and featured characters differ.
"Vaatjie sien sy gat!" focuses on a different target market and the musical element in Poena has been replaced by humour and adventure, themes better suited for a younger audience.
Vaatjie Visagie is fresh out of school and is enrolled at a Chef School. He plans on becoming a master pastry chef and at present things are going very well, to such an extend that he has scored top marks for the 1st year exam. This puts him in line for the sought after "Patteseri" award and opportunity to do his practical under the guidance of master chef Pierre Cousteau in Paris, France.
On the home front all seems well. His best friend Theunis van Rooyen, shares his interest in girls and has his designs on Vaatjies sister Blapsie. This does not prevent him from instigating a night on the town, which includes dinner at the Lollipop Lounge, a local dancing/ strip club in Randburg. As luck would have it, they get caught up in an ill timed police raid. Although nothing comes of it they get their names and ID numbers taken.
Vaatjie wants to prepare for France and goes to the local Video store to rent French movies to get a feel for the language. There he meets the girl of his dreams, but can't muster the courage to ask her for her name. He walks out madly in love.
At the Hotel School a certain James and Sipho, both classmates of Vaatjie does not take kindly to the fact that Visagie is in line for the award. James, because he is second in line for the award and Sipho because he despises Vaatjie. James decides to take matters in his own hands. He notices Mrs. Mammabolo, the head of the Hotel School is out of her office. Sakkie from campus security is sound asleep. James sneaks into Mrs. Mammabolo's office, take her cell phone and wallet from her bag, go to the locker room and put it together with some dope into Vaatjies rucksack. He then notifies security about the theft, via a sms.
Vaatjie gets arrested for theft and possession of drugs. Wors, his father gets a frantic phone call from his hysterical wife Molly to tell him that Vaatjie is in jail. Wors goes and bails him out. He believes Vaatjie is innocent. Molly decides to drown her sorrow in drink. Vaatjie has to appear before a court of law. Wors decides they need expert counselling.
The lawyer is not only sly, but proved incompetent in court as well.
Vaatjie is found guilty and gets a suspended sentence. Wors objects and gets thrown in jail for contempt of court. In jail they steal his shoes. Vaatjie is also expelled from the hotel school and James thinks he is in line to go to France. Only problem is his grades are not good enough.
Wors and Vaatjie go to the mall to buy new shoes, and discusses Vaatjie future. They decide he should go to an employment agency to find a job.
Meanwhile his best friend Theunis starts dating his sister Blapsie.
Vaatjie thinks this is disgusting, Wors doesn't approve and Molly takes to the bottle. The next door neighbour sees them bonking in the caravan.
At the employment agency Vaatjie finds a job. (At a price - he has to repay the hag at the agency in kind). His new job is selling ice cream in a ice cream van in the suburbs. It's a crap job. He then gets hi- jacked. The thieves, Pretty and Lucky, take the van, his shoes and cell phone. They also work for Boris Katchicokoff, the Russian who owns the van, and scams the insurance. Vaatjie goes to report the theft but Cowboy the police detective believes he is an inside man, because of his track record and previous convictions. Wors has to bail him out again.
Theunis has a gut feel Vaatjie was framed and uses Mrs. Mammabolos cell phone to prove this to her. She decides to have the whole Hotel School polygraph. The test shows Vaatjie is innocent. James not.
Before she can act, Cowboy decides to issue a warrant of arrest for Vaatjie. Vaatjie cannot face the prospect of going to jail and flees.
First on his scooter and then with a stolen piper Cup single seat airplane.
The plane that he decides to steal, has millions of dollars stashed in the back. Vaatjie does not know this, but as soon as he lands in Botswana, because he got lost, the customs official discovers this.
Vaatjie gets thrown in a Botswana jail.
Cowboy is hot on Vaatjies heels, but discover that the dollars in the plane is fake and that it was used as bait to trap a drug smuggling syndicate. Vaatjie makes his escape from the Botswana jail, because the customs official has gone "awol" on a drunken shopping spree after impounding the cargo. Vaatjie "steals" the plane for a second time. He flies it back to Johannesburg and hands the plane and himself over at the airport.
He gets arrested once more and gets paraded with other suspects in a ID parade. The witnesses, Lucky and Pretty, fail to identify Vaatjie as the inside man. The police realize their mistake and Vaatjie is set free.
Mrs. Mammabolo reinstate Vaatjie at the Hotel School, Santie at the Video store forgive him and he is sent off to Paris, France. -

This movie by Willie Esterhuizen is a spin-off from ''Poena is Koning'', utilising some of the same characters. The plot is long and complex, and involves the misadventures of a young trainee chef, who keeps getting framed for crimes he did not commit. He usually succeeds in escaping or being bailed out, before having another adventure go wrong and ending up back in jail. It's a feel-good movie so things work out properly in the end. In Afrikaans language with English subtitles.

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