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There's a Zulu on my Stoep
film VHS/DVD 92min/100min . MNETDVD-077 1993 STER-KINEKOR/M-NET

met Leon Schuster, John Matshikiza, Wilson Dunster, Terri Treas, Michelle Bowes, Ruan Mandelstam, Bobo Seritsani, Marie van Deventer, Mbali Dladla, Julius van Zyl, draaiboek, Leon Schuster, Gray Hofmeyr, produseer, Edgar Bold, André Scholtz, Leon Schuster, Carl Fischer, regisseur, Gray Hofmeyr

"This comedy about prejudice and restoring old friendships begins in the old South Africa of 1967. Rhino and Zulu are best friends until an American girl called Rowena separates them. Zulu goes to America, Rhino remains on the family game farm. Zulu returns 25 years later, with a prison record and an American accent. The two old friends meet and, with Rhino's adopted black daughter, Tienkie, travel to a casino resort.
They have a stolen scratch card that could win them R500 000. Rhino and Zulu try to elude the card's rightful owners, a nasty Nazi called Diehard and his mistress Rowena (the same Rowena), while Tienkie makes a new friend, young Prince William. Rhino and Zulu get a make-over which allows them to experience what it is like to be each other. Diehard eventually catches up with the two, but the children - and a lovesick elephant - come to the rescue." -

skakels :

Yankee Zulu (US)
film 90min ............... 1993 TORON

"If the Gods were crazy, now they're beserk!"

skakels : imdb

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