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Tant Ralie Se Losieshuis
film DVD 92min . MNETDVD-227 1974 vetseunM-NET

met Wena Naudé, San de Lange, Siegfried Mynhardt, regisseur, Dirk de Villiers, produseer, Ben Vlok

"Two elderly sisters, Mathilda and Rachel, buy a house in Tamboerskloof, not anticipating the problems they are about to encounter. First, they find a pretty young artist, Boeboe, staying in one of the rooms. Mathilda wants her out, but Rachel persuades her that Boeboe should stay. Then, Mathilde runs over an old fisherman, known only as CJ, and out of guilt he is allowed to stay in the house until he is better. Next, medical student Philip Sonnekus moves in, to help CJ recover.
Last is the biggest shock: the sisters are told that they must come up with an outstanding bond payment, or they will be on the street. The "lodgers" all decide to pitch in: Boeboe sells her paintings, the old hypochondriac, CJ, earns some money selling fish, and Mathilde and Rachel receive a surprise inheritance. When the bank manager arrives, he receives his outstanding payment - all in hard cash." -

Die Ralies
Tant Ralie Se Losieshuis / Boe Boe 7" . NG 133 1974 NITTY GRITTY/EMI/BRIGADIERS FILMS
Kant Een:
1. Tant Ralie Se Losieshuis (L. du Plessis)
Kant Twee:
1. Boe Boe (L. du Plessis)

Produksie: Lindsay du Plessis, Yackamo Musiek

skakels :

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