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Sweet 'n Short
"Oh schucks ... it's the New South Africa!"

met Leon Schuster, Casper de Vries, Johanna Weinberg, Alfred Ntombela, Kallie Knoetze, Niekie van den Berg, Nic Potgieter, Trevor Quirk, Riaan Cruywagen, Bettie Kemp, Lizz Meiring, musiek, Don Clarke, Wendy Oldfield, Kalla Bremer, redigeer, Johan Lategan, uitvoerende prudusent, Edgar Bold, produseer, Carl Fischer, André Scholtz, cinematography, James Robb, regisseur, John Kategan, skryf, Leon Schuster, Gray Hofmeyr, regisseur, Gray Hofmeyr

"The hilarious new Leon Schuster film takes place in the 'New South Africa' - a country so topsy-turvy you might even recognize it! Schuster plays Sweet Coetzee a TV Sports Commentator who goes on the ultimate 'trip' and Alfred Ntombela plays Short - his pint-size black sidekick."

klankbaan snitte:
- Much too Short - Adult Art, lirieke, Don Clarke, Kalla Bremer (C & G Music)
- Living in a New World - Wendy Oldfield, lirieke, Wendy Oldfield, produksie, Garth Deacon (Wendy 0. Music)
- New South African Anthem - Zamu Mbutho, lirieke, Wendy Oldfield, produksie, Garth Deacon (Wendy O. Music)
- In the Fullness of Time - Adult Art, lirieke, Don Clarke & Kalla Bremer (C & G Music)
- Hi Africa - Adult Art, lirieke, Don Clarke & Kalla Bremer (C & G Music)
- Bossie and Savage Theme - Adult Art, lirieke, Don Clarke & Kalla Bremer (C & G Music)
- Watch Me Burn - Adult Art, lirieke, Don Clarke & Kalla Bremer (C & G Music)
- Bosveld Bul, komposisie, Chris Blignaut (Melody Music, Gallo Africa)
- Vat Hom Dawie, komposisie, Ditchfield, Clifford, Jarman, Eckstein (The Gramaphone Record Publishing Company, Gallo Africa)
- Heart, komposisie, Rossi, Mann, Weil (Screen Gems, EMI)

"In this South African take on the Rip van Winkle story, comedian Leon Schuster pokes fun at the new and the old South Africa. Popular but accident-prone sports broadcaster Sweet Coetzee loses his job to an irritating colleague on whom he played a prank at a golf tournament. Sweet seeks consolation at the slot machines but as he hits the jackpot, he is knocked unconscious by a bumbling robber. Sweet is rushed to hospital, and his former colleague scores again, claiming the money.
When Sweet wakes up, he has forgotten his name, his winnings and his girlfriend, and South Africa is totally different: the ANC is in power. Dazed and confused, Sweet goes on the run with new pal Shorty, ending up in a rightwing enclave where they create merry havoc, and where Sweet regains his memory. Now he must return to Johannesburg to set matters right - and get back his jackpot winnings." -

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