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TV-Reeks/film 94min DVD . SMND-001 2004 NEXT VIDEO/PENGUIN

met Marius Weyers, Sandra Prinsloo, Kate Ascott-Evans, Brendan Polecutt, Lizz Mering, Thérèse Benadé, produseer, Roberta Durant, cinematography, Rene Smith, draaiboek, Barry Hough, regisseur, Roberta Durant, regisseur, André Odendaalvetseun

"Skilpoppe is a gripping look at a South African tragedy, as seen through the eyes of a 17 year old girl. It touches on social issues like suicide, drug addiction and homophobia in a tender and humerous way. The story follows Anna Meyer, a schoolgirl who wins the role of Juliet in her school?s production of Romeo and Juliet. She struggles to come to terms with the deeper, darker side of her personality ? mostly because she still needs to exercise the demons from a tragedy in her own life.

Her gay older brother's suicide has torn her family apart, and their inability to deal with the tragedy coupled with her attempts to understand her parents, put Anna under tremendous pressure.

Anna's parents decide to tak a trip overseas in an attempt to get away from the heartache. She is left behind with her older sister Elise, who has turned to drugs in an attempt to cope.

While Anna tries to make sense of the chaos around her... "

"Based on the novel by Barry Hough, Skilpoppe is an insightful and moving look at a South African family seen through the eyes of a seventeen year-old girl dealing with issues such as cultural and sexual tolerance; communications between generations; violence and crime; suicide and dealing with the death of a loved one; creativity and the importance of expression, as well as and drug abuse. It resonates of "American Beauty" in its deliberate concern to explore the reality beneath appearances."

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