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Paul Krüger
film DVD 90min . MNETDVD-271 1955 PRIMEDIA/FPA Bpk/M-NET

met Wena Naudé, André Huguenet, Jamie Uys, James Norval, Siegfried Mynhardt, regisseur, Werner Grünbauer

"It is 1899 and the Anglo-Boer War is raging. British soldiers are implementing a scorched-earth policy, burning all Boer farmsteads and crops to the ground. Against this backdrop unfolds the biography of Paul Krüger, formidable Boer leader and president of the Transvaal Republic.
Krüger's wife, Gesina, narrates his story as she pages through the diary she has kept meticulously for 52 years. As she reminisces about her husband's life, she realises again that Krüger is a man of immense integrity, high moral values and unfaltering faith in God. When the Transvaal Republic comes under threat from the British, Krüger refuses to negotiate with their representatives, Rhodes and Jameson. He does, however, concede that the republic desperately needs money. On the advice of his generals, Krüger decides to voyage to Europe to raise funds. In an emotional farewell, "Oom" Paul and "Tant" Gesina realise that they will probably not see each other again." -

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