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Mama Jack
vetseunvetseunHIRE / HUUR
film DVD ........................... 2005 VIDEOVISION ENTERTAINMENT/NU-METRO
met Alfred Nthombela; Leon Schuster; Mary-Anne Barlow; Shaleen Surtie-Richards, regisseur, Gary Hofmeyr

"Set in Cape Town, South Africa Mama Jack is the story of Jack Theron, an ordinary person working on a film set as a grip. However, his movie producer boss, John Daragon, hates him and wants to remove him from the production of the movie they are producing about Nelson Mandela, Sweet Bird of Freedom. In a bid to get rid of Jack, the producer spikes his drink with a fictitious drug, Mama Africa at a glamorous function, and before long Jack has unwittingly offended all the attending dignitaries, ruined the function and got himself on the wrong side of the law while hallucinating. While on the run, Jack turns to his friend and house mate, Shorty, who is a make-up artist who turns him into "Mama Jack". Mama Jack soon finds "herself" employed by the producer's fiancée, Angela, and begins to fall in love with her. A series of deceptions and misunderstandings pile up and comic mayhem ensues with Jack Theron becoming another character, Doctor Donald, a tramp from Scotland. The movie ends with Mama Jack being found out by her dress being torn off her when Stanley stands on the long, green train of her dress. John admits to drugging Jack and is arrested and put in prison, although we see him escaping through a manhole cover in the road at the end of the film."

The well known comic genre of Shuster is back as Mama Jack. Set in Cape Town, we meet Jack Theron a man in his 50's who works as a grip in the film industry. Although a likeable character, he has never been successful with women and tends to try too hard. He is the "clown" on set, always cracking a joke and making those around him laugh. Jack's best friend is Shorty Dandala, a make-up artist, with whom Jack has worked together for years. Whilst working on the set of a film about Nelson Mandela on Robben Island, Jack manages to frustrate the American director John, to such an extent that he resorts to spiking Jack's drink to get rid of him. At a high profile function filled with dignitaries and the who's who of the film industry, a beautiful guest, American Star Rivonia Ryder is presented to the public. As a result of his spiked drink, Jack soon starts to hallucinate and causes havoc at the function, resulting in Rivonia being knocked unconscious. The events of the evening ends in a police chase and Jack finally makes it back to his room at Shorty's house where an escape plan is hatched. Shorty disguises Jack as a black woman, Mama Jack and this is where the fun really starts. Jack sees that his picture all over television and the newspapers and he soon realises that he has to keep a low profile, although he is totally unrecognisable as Mama Jack. In an effort to avoid police officers, Jack finds himself in a mansion belonging to an American woman, Angela, who mistakes Jack, now referred to as Mama, for the housekeeper she has requested from an agency and sets him to work immediately. The two hit it off immediately and become friends. Angela's six year old daughter, Ricky is also entranced by Mama. It is only a matter of time when Jack discovers that the man of the house is none other than John - the director from the film set. It is evident that he and Angela do not have a happy relationship and Mama overhears the argument when Angela gives John back the engagement ring. Whilst Jack knows he cannot stay disguised as Mama indefinitely, he realises that he is probably in the safest place possible and believes too, that he has been sent to John's house by providence. He sets out on mission "to nail John in his own house" and we witness the "pranks" that Mama plays on John, like over-chlorinating the swimming pool resulting in Greg's hair turning green, tampering with John's computer, and filling John's cap with hair removal cream with obvious results. Jack finds himself falling in love with Angela and comes up with yet another character to disguise himself as in the form of Donald, a Scottish doctor. He tells her a long and involved emotional story of his lost family and believing every word, Angela falls in love with Donald. This is helped along by Ricky's obvious admiration for Donald. The adventures accumulate and when Producer Stanley Radebe comes to dinner at Angela and John's home, he falls for Mama in a big way. Mama suggests that the character of the angel (supposed to be played by Rivonia) in the movie should be black, Stanley agrees and invites Mama to come for an audition the following day. John is stunned. Mama does get the role, and at the "wrap" party Mama tries to expose John for who he really is and what he did to Jack Theron. Unfortunately Mama loses her skirt and is revealed as Jack. Angela is devastated to discover that Mama is in fact Donald who is in fact Jack Theron. She refuses to see him again. However, the producers of the film love Mama Jack in her role and all is forgiven. Jack desperately pursues Angela and eventually catches up with her on Table Mountain where she is conducting a tour for the domestics. He almost kills himself but manages to declare his love for her. John arrives on the scene, also proposing to Angela. He produces an enormous diamond ring and it seems that Angela is going to accept. At this point Angela manages to trick John into confessing that he was behind doping Jack and this is all caught on video by a Taiwanese tourist. Angela and Jack are married and as they drive away from the church, their car accidentally connects with John and he is dragged behind the car all the way up Chapman's peak where he finally falls over the cliff.

Mama Jack / Mr. Bones 2DVD . 2005

Millennium Menace / Mama Jack 2DVD . VIDEOVISION ENTERTAINMENT

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