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Heel against the head. "The Cult Movie"
film VHS/DVD film 93min . DVBSP3154/SPPD-001/STFD-001 1999/2006 NEXT VIDEO/NU METRO/SABC3

"Wales will never be the same!"
met Bill Flynn, Paul Slabolepszy, Nicky Rebelo, Michelle Levin, Shirley Johnson, musiek, Terry Dempsey, Doug Campbell, redigeer, Johan Lategan, draaiboek, Bill Flynn, Paul Slabolepszy, vervaardig, Terry Dempsey, Carrie Dempsey, regisseur,.Rod Stewart

"Tjokkie (Bill Flynn) and Crispin (Paul Slabolepszy), are two rugby fanatics from a remote dorp in South Africa. They have vetseunbeen saving for four years and are all set to travel to Wales to watch the bokke defend their World Crown. Crispin convinces his wife, Celeste, that this is a Men Only trip, saying they will celebrate their wedding anniversary on his return. On arrival in Wales they realise they are no more than a couple of inexperienced boys from the bushveld and they discover that the Rand doesn't go as far against the pound as they had thought. Crispin is caught with his pants down... literally! The story shifts into comedic high gear as - against his will, with much ducking and diving, lying and 'disguises' - Tjokkie is forced into trying to save his devious friend's bacon..."

"Inspired by South Africa winning the Rugby World Cup in 1995, playwright Paul Slabolepszy penned the riotously funny 'Heel Against the Head', which went on to win numerous theatre awards.
Based on the play, this film completes the journey from page to stage and eventually to screen - where a skillful rendition of funny characters and comic situations creatively unfold. The action follows two heroes - or anti-heroes (Bill Flynn and Paul Slabolepszy) - who visit Wales to attend the1999 Rugby World Cup. After an eventful plane trip, they end up staying in a small hotel where they befriend an Asian computer salesman and, inevitably, begin talking about rugby. They realise they have to teach their new friend about the game and try to do so, with some very amusing misunderstandings on the way. Later, they summon a 'call-girl', who arrives in the room just before one of their wives unexpectedly arrive to celebrate her wedding anniversary! This film is indeed a solemn ode to the late great Bill Flynn." -

Heel against the head. Music From The Motion Picture
klankbaan ..................... GWVCD 14 1999 GALLO
1. Viva Bokke - Rock Rebels
2. Somebody Loves You - PJ Powers
3. Daydreamer - Coleske
4. Hamba Kahle - Session DC
5. Shake Your Body - Double Vision
6. Land Of Our Fathers - Cor Meibion Cymru de Affrig
7. Obscene Love - Claire Johnson
8. Ninja Man - Havanna Gas
9. Irish Charm - Dave Mills
10. Hometalk - Mango Groove
11. She Wants Your Money - Rock Rebels
12. Electronic - Alternative 3
13. Shosholoza - Cor Meibion Cymru de Affrig

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