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Hans en Die Rooinek (Sidney and The Boer)
film DVD 90min . MNETDVD-159 1961/2010 JAMIE UYS FILMS/M-NET

met Jamie Uys, Bob Courtney, Wynona Cheyney, Emsie Botha, skryf, regisseur, Jamie Uys
(All the Way to Paris/After You Comrade met Genl. Charles de Gaulle, Georges Pompidou, 1966)
(Eers uitgegee as Vyftig-Vyftig, 1952)

"Die taalstryd word komies uitgebeeld in hierdie fliek waarin twee buspassassiers, een Afrikaans en een Engels mekaar invlieg oor hul tale. Hulle word van die bus afgegooi en moet al die pad terugstap Johannesburg toe." -

"This early Jamie Uys comedy examines the "war" between two South Africans, one English, one Afrikaans. The chief battle is over which official Language of the time should take prominence: English or Afrikaans. Hans and Sydney are on a bus tour to the Cape. Hans is Afrikaans; Sydney is English. They chat up two pretty young women - and also quarrel between themselves all the way. Finally the tour guide kicks them off, forcing the two men to walk back to Johannesburg.
Even here they compete, getting into all kinds of trouble while stubbornly refusing to talk to each another. Meanwhile, word has spread about the "race" between the Englishman and the Boer, and an English-speaking town decides to hold a reception committee for Sydney. Only, Hans gets there first. This comedy has scores of amusing incidents, including a rickshaw race, a silent cigarette-and-matches feud, and an endearing scene starring a squealing little piglet." -

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