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Forgiveness .com
film DVD 112min .......... 2004 STER-KINEKOR

"it's not only about the truth..."

met Arnold Vosloo, Christo Davids, Denise Newman, Lionel Newton, Quanita Adams, Zane Meas, skryf, Greg Latter, produseer, Cindy Gabriel, regisseur, Ian Gabriel

"An unknown man arrives in the windswept town of Paternoster on the South African West Coast. Stranded in the dark mire of a secret past, the mystery of who the man is and what pupose he brings to the town, all combine to make a .. .. film of betrayal, resolution and revenge.

Granted amnesty for crimes committed in the past ex-South Africa cop Tertius Coetzee (Arnold Vosloo) still feels shackled by the sheer weight of his sins.

An unrelenting quest for closure plunges the family of one of his victims into a furnace of personal emotion, inclined at first to drive Coetzee away the family becomes involved in a plot to keep him in the town to avenge the death of their son. Their quest .. road -trip of three friends equally intent on revenge.

The film is of the classic 'Western' genre, where the ... "

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