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Fiela se Kind

Showmax: Fiela Se Kind - 2019

vetseunLAAI AF
film DVD ........................ 2019

met Carla Classen, Elton Landrew, Zenobia Kloppers, Gerald Steyn, Drikus Volschenk, Wayne van Rooyen, Cindy Swanepoel, Roget Ellis, Mateo Olivier, Wim Beukes, Melissa Willering, André Stolz, Stefan Erasmus, Wayne Smith, Leighman Marshall, dirigeer, Brett Michael Innes, skryf, Brett Michael Innes, Dalene Matthee (novel)

Fiela Komoetie, a coloured woman living in the arid Karoo, finds a lost white child on her doorstep and takes him in, raising him as her own. Nine years later, Benjamin Komoetie is removed and forced to live in the Knysna Forest with Elias and Barta Van Rooyen, a family of woodcutters who claim that he is theirs. Separated by law and geography, they spend the next decade trying to find each other while simultaneously coming to terms with their individual identities.


film VHS/DVD 108min . EET1218/MNETDVD-046 1988/2004 SAUK/STER-KINEKOR/M-NET
"The epic story of a mother's love for her adopted child and the man he became."

1989 - Sonneblom-Filmproduksies Erepenning vir Rolprentkuns, Avril Beukes, Dalene Matthee, Sharlene Surtie-Richards, Dawid Minnaar, draaiboek, Chris Barnard, regisseur, Katinka Heyns

"Die aangrypende verhaal van 'n bruin vrou se liefde vir haar wit optelkind. Fiela Komoetie se gelukkige gesinnetjie word wreed uitmekaar geskeur toe 'n magistraat bepaal dat haar wit hanskind - 'n seun wat sy hir die afgelope nege jaar soos haar eie grootgemaak het - aan sy regte ouers terugbesorg moet word. Maar is die Van Rooyens, armblankes wat hul kinders soos slegte honde behandel, werklik Benjamin se ouers? Of le die geheim van sy afkoms in die see opgesluit? Twaalf jaar later besluit Benjamin, toe 'n volwasse man, om die waarhied uit te vind. Gegrond op Dalene Mathee se bekroonde roman."

"This is the moving story about a close family being torn apart by the social convictions of the day. It is the story of a mother's enduring love and hope to see her taken son again. Fiela (Sharleen Surtie-Richards) is a down to earth stealthy woman farmer who doesn't let anyone step on her. She raised a white castaway child, Benjamin (Jan Ellis and Dawid Minnaar), and teaches him the simple things in life."

"The acclaimed drama based on Dalene Matthee's award-winning novel. Fiela is a proud, no-nonsense Coloured woman who leads a busy contented life on her small farm in the Eastern Cape . One morning, while she is attending to her children and her ostriches, two census officials arrive. They are shocked to discover she has a white child, a boy of about twelve. The happy family is torn apart when a magistrate decides the child must be returned to his real family, the Van Rooyens - poor whites who eke out a meagre existence in the Knysna forests."

KOOP : HIRE / HUURvetseunvetseun

film VHS 106min .... 1987 STER-KINEKOR

met Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Dawid Minnaar, Marchelle Verwey, produseer, Edgar Bold, regisseur, Katinka Heyns

"Katinka Heyns is at her directorial best in the screen version of Dalene Mathee's award-winning novel of the same name. Fiela, a no-nonsense Coloured woman, is busy but content on her small farm. One morning, two census officials arrive and are shocked to discover a white child, a boy of about 12.
Fiela explains he was abandoned on her doorstep nine years ago, and she has raised him as her own. But a magistrate decides the child must be returned to his real family, the Van Rooyens - poor whites who eke out a meagre existence in the Knysna forests. Fiela is devastated, and despite her efforts, loses the boy. Twelve years later the boy, now a young man, sets out to discover the truth about his heritage because he has fallen in love with his sister and it's imperative that he find out if he really is a Van Rooyen." -

Fiela's Child
film DVD 105min . MNETDVD-300 1989 SONNEBLOM FILMS/M-NET

met Sharleen Surtie-Richards, Dawid Minnaar, Jan Ellis, produseer, Katinka Heyns, uitvoerende produseerder, Edgar Bold, regisseur, Katinka Heyns

"In the year 1874, Fiela Komoetie, a coloured woman of Wolwekraal in the Lange Kloof district, finds a baby - a white boy - on her front porch. Fiela decides to keep the child and raise him as one of her own, and names him Benjamin Komoetie.
In the dense Knysna Forest at Kom-se-Bos, the Van Rooyen family mourns the disappearance of their son, Lukas. Fiela's "secret" is discovered nine years later, when two census men see the white boy at her home. They inform the local magistrate, who re-opens the Lukas van Rooyen missing person case. He sets out to determine whether Lukas van Rooyen and Benjamin Komoetie are, indeed, one and the same child who disappeared 12 years ago. Both mothers plead their case in court to convince the magistrate that the boy should be returned to his rightful parent." -

Lionel Bastos
Fiela's Child (the single) CDS . WMG001 WIN MUSIC
1. Fiela's Child
2. Fiela's Child (Cool Version)
3. Fly Free (Fiela's Child Dance Version)

Written by Ian von Memerty
Performed by Lionel Bastos
Engineered by Marius Brouwer

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