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film 85min .. SMAD-001 1976 NEXT VIDEO

"... a taste of life"

met José Ferrer, Karen Valentine, Ken Gampu, Simon Sabela, Bingo Mbonjeni, Henry Sidumo, Phoebe Bhengu, May Dlamini, Maurel Msimang, Andrew Molelekeng, Cynthia Moledi, Bess Finney, Fanie Bekker, Naomi van Niekerk, Patrick Mynhardt, Dale Cutts, regisseur, Ashley Lazarus
"e'Lollipop is the extraordinary story of two inseparable South African children, Tsepo (Muntu Ndebele) and his orphaned friend Jannie (Norman Knox). They meet after Jannie's parents die tragically in a car crash in the Lesotho Mountains and his nanny delivers him to a missionary station near Tsepo's village.

Together with their dog Sugarball, life is full of childhood fun and antics until tragedy again strikes: Jannie, now 10 years old, is seriously injured when one of their games goes horribly wrong. Tsepo and his community pull together so that Jannie can receive emergency medical treatment in New York. A daunting challenge lies ahead - and at what cost will Jannie survive?

Tsepo and Jannie's inspirational story unfolds against the breathtaking backdrops of a dramatic African landscape and New York City in the mid-1970s.

e'Lollipop is a life-changing story that reminds us of the value of friendship, family, community and sacrifice. It is a true South African classic of international stature."

André Pieterse Presents
klankbaan LP ........................................... MILTON OKUN/FILM TRUST
Side I:
1. Prologue (Based on a Traditional African Sotho Folk Song)
2. Childhood Theme
3. Schoolboy Pranks
4. Carol Ann's Theme
5. Village Montage - Childhood Theme Reprise And Maluteng (Traditional African Sotho Folk Song)
6. An American Girl In America
7. Childhood Theme Reprise
8. Montage - The Boy's Play; The Witchdoctor's Premonition; The Accident
9. Childhood Theme - The Prayer
Side II:
1. Childhood Theme - At The Waterfall
2. Tsepo's Journey To New York
3. Harlem Montage - Tsepo Gets Lost; Harlem Day; Harlem Night
4. The Chase
5. Childhood Theme - Remembrance
6. Pitsane (The Boys Come Home, Traditional African Sotho Folk Song)
7. The Running Away Montage
8. Sugarball's Rescue
9. Finale - African Funeral Chant; Traditional Hymn; Finale

A Film By Ashley Lazarus
Starring José Ferrer, Karen Valentine, Muntu Ndebele, Norman Know
Music Composed And Conducted By Lee Holdrige
African Songs Arranged By Godfrey Zwane
Recording Engineer - John Richards

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