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Dr. Kwak / Die Kaskenades van Dr. Kwak
film DVD 66 min . MNETDVD-051 1948 SARM/PRIMEDIA/M-NET

met Pierre de Wet, Gert van den Bergh, Paula Styger, regisseur, Pierre de Wet

"A young doctor, fresh from medical school, buys a practice in a little town in the middle of nowhere for next to nothing. On arrival, he gets shocking news from the townspeople: "Nobody in this town is ever ill and the previous doctor lived on handouts. Nobody ever needs a doctor, chemist or an undertaker," they tell him.
But Dr. Kwak refuses to believe this, and meets with the chemist and the schoolmaster, emphasising the importance of bringing medical science to the people and making them aware of the terrible dangers of germs. Soon after Kwak announces free consultations on Mondays, his consulting rooms are full, the local hotel has been converted into a hospital and the whole town is in bed. Dr. Kwak, the hotel owner (now matron of the hospital) and the chemist are all smiling broadly. But justice prevails, in the form of the old doctor." -

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