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Die Spaanse Vlieg
film DVD 81min . MNETDVD-090 1978 KAVALIER FILMS/M-NET

met Marié du Toit, Louw Verwey, Wimpie Basson, Nina Nienaber, Schalk Theron, regisseur, Dirk de Villiers, produseer, Ben Vlok

Die verhaal speel hom af op Hermanus en gaan oor 'n Spaanse danseres wat een aand daar opgetree het. Nou, na 24 jaar, vind drie hooggeplaasdes uit dat hulle al drie onderhoud betaal het vir die opvoeding van dieselfde buite-egtelike kind.

"Twenty years ago, a Spanish dancer performed in Hermanus on the Cape south coast. It was then that she conceived a son, whose father could have been one of three local men, all respected citizens. Two decades later, the woman is back, demanding money from all three. One of them, Lourens van Rooyen, is married to the story's central character, the fearsome Emma van Rooyen, chairperson of the Committee for Moral Action. While Lourens thinks Emma is complaining about his infidelities she is really bemoaning the relationship their only daughter has struck up with a man she detests.
The comedy of misconceptions continues when it transpires that a relative of Emma's is having an affair with the son of the Spanish dancer - the very boy Emma has in her sights as a possible son-in-law. This farce was adapted for the screen by Pieter-Dirk Uys, now South Africa's premier satirist." -

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