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Die Ballade Van Robbie de Wee

film DVD .......................... 2013

met Neil Sandilands, Marno van der Merwe, Leandri Scholtz, Anna-Mart van der Merwe, Rolanda Marais, Chris de Clerq, Jacques Gombault, Sarah Theron, Richard van der Westhuizen, Kobus Visser, Altus Theart, Elzette Maarschalk, Monica Muller, Deon Maas, draaiboek, Deon Meyer, regisseur, Darrell James Roodt

Len van Jaarsveld used to be on the top of his game. As one of the country's leading music managers, he was a major mover and shaker who had it all: the stars, the hits, the connections and the lavish lifestyle of booze, sex, drugs and rock and roll. But then it all came crashing down, his wife left him, his bands abandoned him, the creditors moved in and he found himself on the street with nothing.
As he's about to hit rock bottom, Len is introduced to a rising new star-alternative rocker Robbie de Wee. An amazing natural talent whose music comes from deep within, this youngster has success written all over him and he's getting more and more fans and critical and commercial attention.
Len sees this kid as a way out of his desperation and a ticket back into the music industry. He's in awe of the young man's music and is determined to make him a star. He takes Robbie on as an artist, organising his tours, his publicity, his music videos and, on his meagre, budget manages to help Robbie climb the ladder to stardom while rediscovering his own formidable music business talents.
But, when a young girl is found dead in the singer's hotel room whilst he's on tour, Len has to pull out all the stops. Was it an accident? Is Robbie responsible? Could it ruin his career? Len goes into overdrive in order to protect his star from the media and the authorities. But, when more bodies are discovered he finds himself having to negotiate his own morality in a fight against time.


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