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Your Name In Neon
The Endeavour .................. SUR 001 2008 ELECTROMODE
1. Traveller
2. Endeavour
3. Pilot
4. Cover Up the Dead For Their Hands are No Longer Needed
5. Street Mood Blue Gas Jeans
6. Saviour
7. Renegade
8. A Liberation Call
9. Lithographer
10. Labyrinth of Volumes (Archways for the Sane)
11. Revolutionist
12. Mariana

Your Name In Neon sheds light on a bright future. A South African Progressive Rock band forms these words into a refreshing sound, infusing Post-hardcore and Electronica elements into fluorescent songs and delivering them with an inspired stage performance.
The band's refusal to go unnoticed resulted in Your Name In Neon playing over 50 shows in the first nine months since their inception into the live gigging circuit. Within six months of their first live performance Your Name In Neon won the National Battle Vir Woodstock-competition, thus earning them the opportunity, chosen from amongst over ninety South African bands competing, to play on the main stage at the Woodstock 9 Festival in September 2007. They were also invited to perform at Splashy Fen, another highly popular outdoor music festival, in March 2008. Passionate shows from the band across various stages in South Africa, including two successful coastal tours to Cape Town, have resulted in the band establishing a supportive fan base through word-of-mouth alone. Current undertakings for the band include laying the finishing touches on their first official 12-song proclamation, The Endeavour, due for release in May 2009, as well as writing new material to contribute a 2009 full release. Notable appearances include a supporting slot for US Post-hardcore giants Underoath in September of 2008, as well as a headlining slot on the Metal Stage at the Woodstock 10 festival held in November of 2008. To be confirmed at a later stage.

skakels :

2008 10 11 - Horse Productions Official Launch Party: Zebra & Giraffe, Desmond and The Tutus, Kidofdoom, Your Name In Neon, Isochronous, Dance, You're On Fire, André van der Walt, The Uncut, The Cokestrokes, Wrestlerish, Yesterday's Pupil, Tempo's Randburg, R60

2007 06 09 - RWS Kill Crime: Running With Scissors, Your Name In Neon, Scream Euphoria, The Dead Will Tell, Straatligkinders, The Kosmonauts, Same Old Story, Unlisted, Judith, Walt, Tempo's, 15:00, R40

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