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Wouter Kellerman .com
We've Known All Times . NEXTCD 704 2020 NEXT MUSIC

In A Different Light ............................. 2020
1. Baroque To The Rescue - Wouter Kellerman (Flute) met Konshens the MC
2. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (Flute & Piano Cover)
3. Ndlovu Youth Choir - Shape Of You
4. 7 Rings
5. Camila Cabello - Havana (Flute Cover)
6. Shape Of My Heart - Sting (Flute & Guitar Cover)
7. Shallow - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (Flute & Voice Cover by Wouter Kellerman & Lady Zamar)
8. Game Of Thrones Theme by Wouter Kellerman
9. Bukha
10. Fragile (Sting) - Wouter Kellerman (Flute) met Lonnie Park
11. Al Lê Die Berge Nog So Blou (Flute)

A Year Of Swimming ......................... 2020
1. Fanta and Felix
2. Ana
3. Ananaming
4. Koortjie
5. Folon
6. Lam Tooro
7. I Like the Motorcar
8. Chiwo
9. The First Two Minutes
10. Tita

Where Is Home? ............................... 2017
- Wouter Kellerman, Steve Marshall
1. Win Win Situation
2. Coming Home, Speak Soon
3. Perfect Strangers
4. Crossing South Africa
5. Colours
6. Buya Ekhaya
7. At the Harbour
8. Mam Gobhozi
9. Jo'burg
10. I Love You
11. Talkin' 'Bout Love
12. Keep Moving
13. Dreamcloud

Libraries On Fire ............................... 2016
1. Duga
2. Lampedusa
3. Miniyamba
4. Salama
5. Bafoulabe
6. Si Naani
7. Maimouna
8. Korobali
9. Alfa Yaya; Anna Magdalena

Winds Of Samsara ........................... 2015
1. Ricky Kej - Mahatma - GRAMMY® WINNER - Winds of Samsara - Wouter Kellerman (Gandhi Tribute)
2. New Earth Calling
3. Half Moon Live - Wouter Kellerman (Flute - Wedding Version)
4. Madiba - Wouter Kellerman (Flute) & Ricky Kej
5. Ricky Kej - Longing - GRAMMY® WINNER - Wouter Kellerman (Love Song)
6. Heaven Is Here
7. River of Time
8. Eyes of Wonder
9. Remembrance (Greensleeves Flute) - Wouter Kellerman & Ricky Kej
10. Journey To Higher Grounds
11. Mountain Solitude
12. Desert Wind
13. Grace (Flute & Piano) - Wouter Kellerman f=met Fiona Joy
14. Ricky Kej - Nocturne - GRAMMY® WINNER - Michael Lewin - Wouter Kellerman

Mzansi ................................................. 2015
1. African Hornpipes (Fife) - Wouter Kellerman (Audio)
2. Malaika - Wouter Kellerman (Flute)
3. Khokho (Flute) - Wouter Kellerman
4. Mama Tembu's Wedding (Flute) - Wouter Kellerman & Lamine Sonko
5. 'Cape Flats' (Flute) - Wouter Kellerman (Audio)
6. After Hours
7. N'jarinu Garab
8. 'Fire Drill' (Flute) - Wouter Kellerman (Audio)
9. Samami (Flute) - Wouter Kellerman (Audio)
10. Mzansi - Wouter Kellerman (Flute) met Paul Carlos
11. Sylvia
12. In The Moment - Wouter Kellerman (Flute)
13. Miniamba (Flute) - Wouter Kellerman & Lamine Sonko (Audio)

Love Language ........ KELLF47009 2015
1. Aishwarya
2. Winter met Soweto Gospel Choir
3. Si Do Mhaimeo
4. Up To The Mountain
5. Zininzi met The Soil
6. Solo Tu / Still Life
7. To Tango Tis Nefelis
8. Turning Page
9. Shenandoah
10. Guajira
11. Notre Futur
12. The Long Road
13. Ek Verlang Na Jou met Anna Davel
14. Love Gets Old

Timeless ................... KELLF 47007 2012
1. Game Of Thrones
2. Ek Verlang Na Jou
3. Malaika
4. Solo Tu / Still Life
5. To Tango Tis Nefelis
6. Solveig S Song from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2
7. Madiba
8. Greensleeves
9. The Long Road
10. Up To The Mountain
11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow
12. Sun On The Water

An exhilarating brew of multicultural delights awaits music lovers when 'Timeless', the new album by flautist Wouter Kellerman, is launched in November 2012 in South Africa.
Luxurious. Exhilarating. Unique. Joyful. The sound of Wouter Kellerman can only be described as such. This is music like you've never experienced before. As one of the most unique world musicians, Wouter Kellrman s music takes you on a journey across the globe, but also brings you back to South Africa.

The multi SAMA-winning flute wizard, who performed at the 2010 FIFA World Cup closing ceremony to a global television audience of 700-million people, has spent the past couple of years cooking up several potent songs with an array of top South African artists and 'Timeless' is the result.

"There are some melodies that just move you inexplicably, melodies that seem to transcend time and cultural barriers, that somehow unlock an innate musical sense that seems to be at the core of every human being. They keep their charm through many generations and times and seem to be timeless On this album are some of my favourites songs that I've wanted to record for a long time", says Kellerman. "My focus was to connect with the roots of the music and let the essence of the song shine through."

Some of the Timeless songs include a version of the old english folk song 'Greensleeves', the classic 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow', 'Malaika' made famous by Miriam Makeba, also the Theme from the television series 'Game Of Thrones' and a version of 'Ek Verlang Na Jou', featuring the sultry voice of Anna Davel. Mauritz Lotz, J.B. Arthur and Melissa van der Spuy co-produced songs with Kellerman on 'Timeless'. Kellerman and Lotz then travelled to Los Angeles to mix the album with Grammy-winning engineer Husky Hoskulds.

The new album reinforces Kellerman's status as one of South Africa's foremost musicians, who is in hot demand to perform locally as well as internationally. A true crossover artist, he thrives on experimenting with the shades, textures and colours that his magic flute is capable of painting, and creatively blending this with other instrumentation and sounds.

His debut album, Colour, enjoyed rave reviews, topped the classical charts and was nominated for a 2008 SAMA for Best Instrumental Album. The recording of his live performance on Kellerman Colour Live won the 2010 SAMA for 'Best Jazz/Instrumental/Popular Classical DVD' and his second album Two Voices won the SAMA for 'Best Instrumental Album' in 2011.

He has spent the last year penning the follow-up release, while performing in South Africa and touring around the world in places such as The Kennedy Centre in Washington DC, Summer Stage and Joe's Pub in New York, Caesars Palace in Vegas, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia.

For more information on Wouter Kellerman please visit the website at and follow him on facebook and twitter.

Live In Mzansi DVD . KELLF 47004
1. In The Moment
2. N' Jarinu Garab
3. African Hornpipes
4. Cape Flats
5. Mama Tembu
6. Desert Rose
7. Mzansi
8. Sylvia
9. Samami
10. Folies d'Espagne
11. Contrabajissimo
12. Miniamba
13. Told U So
14. Khokho
15. Gumboots

Half Moon ........................................... 2012
1. Vuelvo Al Sur
2. Half Moon
3. Irish March
4. Buenos Aires
5. Quisas, Quisas, Quisas
6. Folies d'Espagne
7. Nothin Compares 2 U
8. Na Die Reën
9. Duel
10. Desert Rose
11. Bukha
12. Wind
13. Contrabajissimo
14. Excuse Me?
15. Al Lê Die Berge

Two Voices ................ KELLF 47003 2010
1. Cape Flats
2. African Hornpipes
3. Mama Tembu
4. Contrabajissimo
5. N' Jarinu Garab
6. Desert Rose
7. Mzansi
8. Sylvia
9. In The Moment
10. Samami
11. Fire Drill
12. Folies d'Espagne
13. Miniamba

Two Voices the latest album for SAMA winning artist Wouter Kellerman reinforces his status as one of South Africas foremost flautists. A true crossover artist, Kellerman thrives on experimenting with the shades, textures and colours that his magic flute is capable of painting, and creatively blending with further instrumentation and sounds. The SAMA-winning flute wizard, who performed at the 2010 FIFA World Cup closing ceremony to a global television audience of 700-million people, has spent the past couple of years cooking up a variety of potent compositions with an array of top South African and African artists.
Listeners are in for a treat as Kellerman demonstrates why he is regarded as one of the countrys most musically adventurous world-music proponents. Co-produced by veteran producer J.B. Arthur and mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Husky Hoskulds Two Voices is an exhilarating brew of multicultural delights..

Colour - Live DVD . NEXTDV 019 2009 NEXT MUSIC
1. Na Die Reën
2. Al Lê Die Berge Nog So Blou
3. Told U So
4. Quisas, Quisas, Quisas
5. Wind
6. After Hours
7. Buenos Aires
8. Irish March
9. Vuelvo Al Sur
10. Duel
11. Khokho
12. Excuse Me?
13. Half Moon

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