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Walt .com
Until The End .................. SEED 118 2008 SEED MUSIC
1. Somewhere
2. Until The End
3. Broken
4. Could I Just Believe
5. Fill Me Up
6. Be Yourself
7. Miss You
8. Intentions
9. All For You
10. So Gone
11. Hate Within (Studio Version)
12. Still Believe (Hidden Track)

Walt, a passionate driven singer/songwriter from Johannesburg is defined by a melancholic and warm distinctive lead voice and his songs are strong, diving deep, with melodies that tend to resonate around one's head the morning after. Surviving Leukemia he constantly had to push the boundaries.
In January 2007 Walt started recording the long awaited album "Until The End" with old time friend and legendary producer, Mark Beling (Mean Mr. Mustard, Lindsay Mcguire, Jacques (Idols) and Changing Face). The 11 track album contains flavours of pop, modern rock, grunge, alternative, adult contemporary and heartfelt ballads.
The first single, "Somewhere", recently went to #1 on Highveld Stereo's Homebrew SA Top10 Chart and on PukFM. The song's music video created a public awareness for The National Missing Kid's Bureau and Walt made headlines on news bulletis across Highveld Stereo, 702, KFM and "Weekend Live" on SABC2. The single was also recently chosen as the official theme song for Missing Children SA Campaign Group.

So Gone EP ........................................ 2006
1. So Gone
2. All For You
3. Roses Died
4. Tell Me
5. Try

skakels :

2007 06 09 - RWS Kill Crime: Running With Scissors, Your Name In Neon, Scream Euphoria, The Dead Will Tell, Straatligkinders, The Kosmonauts, Same Old Story, Unlisted, Judith, Walt, Tempo's, 15:00, R40

2007 06 08 - Fresh Air Productions presents All Systems Go Rock Fest featuring Wickhead, Knave, Straatligkinders, Just About Done, Walt, Ironica, Notorious Watermelons, Deutsche Schule Pretoria, Pretoria, 18:00, R40

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