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Voodoo Child
Attack: Don't Panic! .................. VC001 ELECTROMODE
1. Intro
2. Blind
3. Megalomanic Attack
4. Hey Boi
5. Centre of Gravity
6. Permission
7. Child of the Sun
8. Taboo
9. Shining Light
10. I stay up All Night
11. Kick my Shin
12. Do it to Me
13. Tearing us Apart
14. Good Times

Live venues around Gauteng have borne testament to the growth of the Voodoo Phunk, grounded firmly in their energetic performances on any stage. Through a combination of design and default, the band has cooked their sound up in a melting pot of funky bass-lines and rock guitars laced with catchy piano lines sprinkled over soulful, hip-hop-inspired vocals. Voodoo Child have played from dorp to dorp, festival to festival, and club to club over the last 4 years earning them a deserved place on the SA music scene.
Buoyed by an inherent need for growth, the band has made the recording studio a second home in recent times, reaching heights with their funky cover, "Come Together" a remake of The Beatles' classic by the same name. The hit single was one of a number of stand-out tracks from the well-received EP "Good Times are Killing Me".
Keen to build on these early steps, they spent 2008 recording the full-length album under the watchful ear of multi-award winning producer, Marius Brouwer. The album itself consists of fourteen original tracks, and actively seeks to stay true to Voodoo Child's live sound. An eight-piece string section, though, lends fullness to the overall product, and is put to use beautifully on the ballad "Child of the Sun". The rest of the album is a smooth rollercoaster ride of rhythms and emotions, highlighted by songs like "Megalomanic Attack", "I Stay Up All Night" and "Good Times". This funky list is headed by "Centre of Gravity" a sing-along ballad that is also the lead-off single from "Attack. Don't Panic.".

Good Times Are Killing Me EP ........

skakels :

2010 09 19 - Park Acoustics: SoulJah, Aanklank, Voodoo Child, Tumi & The Volume, Pretoria National Botanical Garden, 13:00, R60 - TuksFM - Hot Box - Vesco

2007 03 09 - The wickedly delicious Jam Sessions with Lindsay McGuire, & Voodoo Child and opening act Ruan Xenm Horror Cafe, Newtown, 20:00, R40 - Wicked Management Productions -

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