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Via Afrika
Scent Of Scandal LP/CD . FRESHCD156 1984/2006 FRESH MUSIC
1. Vice In Bombay
2. Caprivi Strip
3. Mimi Kama Kanga
4. Zanzibar
5. Death On The Nile
6. Jelly Wobble
7. Malificent
8. Vice Is Nice Dub
9. Hey Boy (Live At Concert In The Park, 1985)

is René Veldsman, Lukas Crous (Luislang), Kitty Cooper (Spider Wider), Michelle Rowe

Via Afrika's second, and final, album "Scent Of Scandal" continues the joyous afrikan dub/dance pop of it's predecessor with songs like the slinky "Vice In Bombay", "Mimi Kama Kanga" and the illegally funky "Zanzibar" .... includes a jivey live version of "Hey Boy" - recorded at the famous Concert in the Park in 1985.

Via Afrika LP/CD . FRESHCD107 1984/2000 EMI/RPM/FRESH MUSIC
1. Via Afrika
2. Hey Boy
3. De Tango
4. Cape Of Good Hope
5. Afrika The Tigger
6. Chiggi Chiggi
7. Animaal
8. Via Afrika (Dub)
9. A Rose Is A Rose
10. Via Afrika (2000 Remix)
11. Via Afrika (2000 Dub Mix)
12. Hey Boy (2000 Remix)
13. Hey Boy (2000 Dub Mix)

Via Afrika's debut album was one of the most innovative and frontier blazing pop albums of the times and has been digitally remastered by the band's vocalist/leader René Veldsman : all the storming tunes are here including the timeless "Hey Boy", "Chiggi Chiggi" and the stompin' title track. Featured on this reissue are the rare US 12" remixes as well as an additional non album track "A Rose Is A Rose"...also included are liner notes and previously unpublished photos of the band.

Revenge / Lukas Luislang 7" . 12EMIL(C)11243 1983 EMI
1. Revenge
2. Revenge Trapped

Vice In Bombay 12" . 12EMIL(C)11225 1983 EMI
1. Vice In Bombay
2. Vice In Bombay - Dub
3. Via Afrika (American Mix)
4. Hey Boy - Dub (American Mix)

Vice In Bombay / Hey Boy 7" . EMIJ 11225 1983 EMI
Side One:
1. Vice In Bombay
Side Two:
1. Hey Boy

Hey Boy/ Vice In Bombay 7" . EMIJ 11211 1983 EMI

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Concert In The Park CD/DVD kompilasie - Hey Boy
4 For Africa kompilasie LP - Vice In Bombay (1985)

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