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Selling Skin ................... CDJUST 127 JUST MUSIC
1. Headless
2. Burned
3. Overpass
4. Hymn
5. Black Winged Witness
6. The Prostitute
7. First Time
8. Unconscious
9. A Murder met Inge Beckmann (Lark)
10. Bleed
11. Statues
12. Lullaby

Produced by legendary Springbok Nude Girls' Guitarist, Theo Crous. Velve is an alternative rock band from Cape Town, South Africa. The members of Velve are "Trucker" on vocals and rhythm guitar, Charles Mulder on lead guitar and backing vocals, Wouter Burger on bass and Dylan Phelan on drums. The band was formed in May 2002 and since then, have been establishing their name on the South African, alternative rock scene with their powerful performances.
During the last couple of years Velve have independently recorded and released their demo CD entitled, 'Wired Angel', which was voted 2nd place in Rock the Nation's Best Album category; made three music video's, the first of which received extensive airplay on MK89; competed in and won two Oppikoppi Battle of the Bands, in Stellenbosch and Cape Town and was featured on 5FM's World Chart show.

Wired Angel ......................................
1. Alleyway
2. Wired
3. Angel
4. Fallen
5. Underground
6. Intermission
7. Ashes
8. Scream
9. Satin
10. Soul
11. Echo
12. Buffet
13. Burning
14. Day
15. Lullaby

skakels :

2007 03 02, 03 - Ramfest: Twisted Playground: Battery 9, Fokofpolisiekar, Lark, The Awakening, Velve, Mind Assault, ManInSuit, 12th Avenue, The Real Estate Agents, Her Pretty Face, Spinnekop, Scarlet Host, Horrorcast, Noctivian, Ras Tami And The Warriors, Rhymatic, Donkermag, League Of Shadows, Jubilee, Nekkies Holiday Resort, Worcester, 17:00, R149, R169 - -

2004 03 29 - Mercury in Association with EMI SA - Soulmates Never Die, Placebo DVD Launch, Live Tinight: Soulja, Fokofpolisiekar, Velve, DJ's Morph & Johnnie Brave-Ou, Mercury Live -

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