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Vangie Coker
SA Country Gold ....... CDEMIM 445 2011 EMI

Seasons .......................... KOSD 014 2007 KOSMOS/STETSON MUSIC
1. Turn Turn Turn
2. Jesus Take The Wheel
3. Dance With My Father
4. Grand Canyon
5. Soar Like An Eagle
6. In My Daughter's Eyes
7. You Completed Me
8. Goodbye's The Saddest Word
9. I Need You
10. Mama's Hands
11. Only One You
12. Mensekind
13. Wie Sal My Verstaan
14. Sweef Soos 'n Arend

Mother Of Mine .................. CRECD028 CRESCENDO/SELECT
1. Stumblin' In met Clive Bruce
2. Mother Of Mine
3. Verlore Dae
4. Angelo
5. Blue Bayou
6. Conversations
7. Manolito
8. Lost In France
9. Yellow Roses
10. Teenage Queenie
11. La France
12. Gypsy Guitar
13. Paper Roses
14. Blue

Barbara's Daughter / Single Of The Year 7" . CBK 731 1982 TRANSISTOR

Dreaming My Dreams With You / Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone 7" . CBK 638 1985 TRANSISTOR
Side One:
1. Dreaming My Dreams With You (Allen Reynolds)
Side Two:
1. Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone (Dickey Lee/Allen Reynolds)

Produced by Gene Rockwell
Arrangements: Bobby Louw
Engineer: Jannie Smit

You're Just What My Heart Had In Mind LP . CBK(E) 7024 1984 TRANSISTOR
Side I:
1. We Will Make Love (Hulme)
2. Do Me With Love (J. Schweers)
3. Happy Birthday Dear Heartache (M. David/A. Jordan)
4. Lovers Lies (Harlon Sanders)
5. My Heart Is Yours For The Breaking (B. Raye)
6. Oklahoma Heart (G. Gallimore/Hobbs/B. Mervis/B. Shaw)
Side II:
1. The End Of The World (Dee & Kent
2. I Know What You Can Do To My Heart (P. Rose/M. Kennedy)
3. Green Eyes (B. Wood)
4. You're Just What My Heart Had In Mind (Melba/Montgommery/J. Solomon/J. Martin Johnson)
5. Pick Me Up (A. Roberts/S. Langacre/O. Powers)

Produced ByGene Rockwell
Arranged By Bobby Louw
Recorded At Universal Studios By Jannie Smit
Photograph By Nardus Nel
Arranged & Produced By Pete Drake

Vangie Coker LP ....... CBK(L) 7008 1982 TRANSISTOR
Side One:
1. Blue Eyes Don't Make An Angel
2. I Feel Love Coming On
3. Let Him Go
4. Heart
5. Don't Ever Forget
Side Two:
1. Barbara's Daughter
2. Single Of The Year
3. Who Were You Thinking Of
4. Love Is Just A Moment Away
5. My Heart Will Always Belong To You

I Feel Love (Coming On) / Let Him Go 7" . CBK 747 1982 TRANSISTOR

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