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O Baba O Re Ha! ............ CDSTEP 108 GIANT STEPS
1. O Baba O Re Ha!
2. Tlhogomelani
3. Moruti Sumba (2005 SAMA Nominasie)
4. Ajoni
5. Dikotsi
6. Ava Swikoti
7. Kutitimela
8. Xibhedlele Na Tirongo
9. Dikoloto
10. Bye-Bye

Ndlala ................................. CDSTEP 107 GIANT STEPS
1. Ndlala
2. Meleko
3. N' Wama Willi
4. Uni Randza Ngovu
5. U Tekele Mani
6. Umanji
7. Maria
8. Hi Kunene
9. Patrao
10. Salani

Wantolobela .................... CDSTEP 105 GIANT STEPS
1. Ninuna Wa Wena
2. Makoko
3. Morakane
4. Kutekiwa
5. Wantolobela
6. Unwana Na Unwana
7. Xin' Wana Na Xin' Wana
8. Kate
9. Tuva
10. Lobola
11. Jandrey
12. Always Have A Dream

Moloi ..................................... CDJOZ601 JOZI VIBES
1. Mhani (Mother)
2. Hambe Nge S'timela (Go By Train)
3. Moloi (The Witch)
4. Butirisenga (Brother Resinga)
5. Swikukwani (Chicklets)
6. Nsati (Woman)
7. Nkatanga (My Wife)
8. Nkarhi Wahlobo (Summer Time)
9. Power Of Love
10. Hahani (Aunty)

Umanji's musical vision and sound are so universal that his appeal extends to anyone with an ear for music of real quality. Most of his musical influences stem from the countryside, and the sounds of water and animals can be heard trailing throughout Umanji's gorgeous songs. Like many other artists with a pan-African sound, it's not necessary to understand Umanji's lyrics to be struck by the spiritual nature of the music. If you can understand Tsonga and the other vernacular languages Umanji uses in his songs, you will hear the songwriter singing about the battle he fought to be a musician in "Mhani', and a celebration of summer in "Nkari Whahlobo'. Moloi, which simply means "The Witch', the title track of Umanji's Africa debut album, will take you on a spiritual trip around the African continent like you've never experienced before. Whether you love deep African sounds, world music or music created by artists such as Baaba Maal, Youssou N'Dour, Tracy Chapman or Tony Rich, Umanji's debut release is something to treasure.

The Collection ................. CDHEITA057 HEITA!
1. Moloi (Witch)
2. Moruti Sumba
3. Makoko
4. U Tekele Mani
5. Maria
6. Swikukwani (Chicklets)
7. Hahani (Aunty)
8. Dikotsi
9. Kutitmela
10. Wantolobela
11. Xin'wana Na Xin'wana
12. Lobola

The Collection CD/DVD . CDHEITA043 HEITA!
1. Moloi (Witch)
2. Moruti Sumba
3. Makoko
4. Utekele Mani
5. Maria
6. Swikukwani (Chicklets)
7. Hahani (Aunty)
8. Dikotsi
9. Kutitimela
10. Wantolobela
11. Xinwana Naxinwana
12. Lobola

Umanji, a former policeman, is a guitarist and entertainer par excellence and has, in his short career, shared the stage with great musicians such as Salif Keita.
His unique musical voice and style has mesmerised music fans the world over, including in countries like Indonesia. Along the way, Umanji has won several awards, including an SA Music Award.
This first-ever collection of Umanji songs is taken from his four studio albums - MOLOI, NDLALA, O BABA O RE HA! and WANTOLOBELA. Together these four albums have sold over 200 000 units.
Umanji's fans are in for a double treat with the release of this collection which also includes a bonus DVD.

Byalo .................................. CDCCP 1374 CCP RECORDS
1. Baloi
2. Byalo
3. Buti Risenga
4. Motswala
5. Tana Ni Ta Ku Bhebula
6. Khisamane
7. Tlogelang
8. Tlogelang
9. Tana Ka Mina
10. Unga yingisi vanhu
11. Little White Dove
12. Batshareng

Umanji is one of South Africa's most gifted singers and songwriters, having won several SA Music Awards for his South African-anchored World Music sound. "Moloi, his debut album, remains a favourite of fans around the country and this long-awaited return to form is yet another astonishingly beautiful recording that places Umanji alongside the likes of Salif Keita. The original team that recorded the Moloi is back again and recorded a new album featuring many hits like Byalo, T-B and Rolihlahla. Byalo also contains an extension of the song "Moloi" - "Baloi' it is just as affecting and memorable.

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