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UB40 (Ali Campbell)
Twenty Four Seven ......... CDJUST 233 JUST MUSIC
1. End Of War
2. Lost And Found
3. Dance Until The Morning Light
4. This Is How It Is
5. Rainbow Nation
6. Here We Go Again
7. I Shot The Sheriff
8. Oh America
9. Once Around
10. Slow Down
11. I'll Be Back
12. Instant Radical Change Of Perception
13. It's All In The Game
14. I'll Be There
15. Middle Of The Night
16. Securing The Peace
17. The Road

UB40's fortunes changed at the beginning of 1980. They had spent many years performing live and developing a name for themselves when they were asked to join 'The Pretenders' as their support act on a national tour. The first single with Graduate, their initial label, was a double-A coupling of "Food For Thought" about third-world poverty, and "King", an expression of grief for Dr. Martin Luther King. "King" had seemed to be the favourite with live audiences, but it was "Food For Thought", that got the airplay and became the first hit. The single was released during the tour, without the benefit of major-label marketing or promotion, and headed straight for the top five. The band made a huge impact on their first major live audiences.
UB40's first album was released in September 1980. The album cover was a reproduction of the unemployment benefit card, with the title "Signing Off" rubber-stamped in red. It referred to "signing off" the dole, i.e. getting a job. It was both an acknowledgement of the launch of the band, and a celebration of their new status. Because they were from the West Midlands, and because they were a large multi cultural group playing music of Jamaican origin, UB40 were initially thought to be part of the Two-Tone phenomenon which had burst out of nearby Coventry. Two tone music took its roots from Caribbean Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae. It was honed into the multi-racial sound of 2-Tone by bands such as The Specials and The Selecter - both of which came from Coventry.
"Signing Off" made it clear that UB40 were not part of the Two Tone movement. They were part of the same social and political tendency, but their musical approach was quite different. Their sound was more relaxed, more sophisticated and sexier. In September 1983, UB40 released the album 'Labour of Love.' It was their first direct tribute to the musicians who had inspired and influenced them, and the title "Labour Of Love" said it all. 'Red Red Wine' was the first single to be released from Labour of Love, it went straight to number one in the UK charts upon it's release. The phenomenally popular single was in the British charts for two years. It gave UB40 their first truly worldwide hit and, eventually, their first American No.1. For over twenty five years, UB40 have continued the job of popularizing reggae around the globe. In the process, they continue to give enormous pleasure to a public too vast to be defined by age, generation tribe or fashion.

Madame Medusa / Strange Fruit 7" . PMS 643 1980 PLUM

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