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Tykoon Suit (D-Form, Mr. Mo)
Smart Casual ......................... BASH001 AFRICAN DOPE
1. Intro vetseun
2. Theme From Tykoon
3. Shadow Warriors
4. Matchbox
5. Disko Toothbrush
6. Throw The Bones
7. Music2myworld
8. Earthling Bitches
9. Boskarate
10. Friday Jones
11. Rofskandaal
12. Office Girlz
13. What We Do
14. Opium
15. These Days
16. Inherit The Crown
17. Nightlife

Tykoon Suit is a Hip Hop outfit from Cape Town. The band consists of Digger Barnes (ex Moodphase5ive front man) and Bang Bang on rhymes, while MRMO (Mofunk) is djing, beatmaking and producing. They have been together for 3 years, and have between them released more than 20 tracks independently or as the band. Best described as escapist blue collar hip hop with funk and jazz influences, the 3 piece have been working hard to perfect their live appearances. They have played: Baraza, Eclipse, Ivory Room, Rhodes House, The Independent Armchair, Die Mystic Boer, Zula Bar,The Portlands Civic, Party with a Purpose, Verses and are soon on their way to show the greater Gauteng area just how it should be done.

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