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Tidal Wave
Best Of The Tidal Wave . FRESHCD159 2006 FRESH MUSIC
1. Put It All Together
2. I've Got To Get Away
3. With Tears In My Eyes
4. Green Mamba
5. Town Girl
6. Spider Spider
7. Morning Light
8. Mango Mango
9. Give Me An A
10. Money Baby
11. We Wanna Know
12. Colonel Mustard
13. Get It Out Of Your System
14. All In A Dream
15. Man On A String
16. That's Why The Girl Is Crying
17. Crazy Horse

The latest addition to the ever growing Retro catalogue comes from a band that dominated the South African pop charts in the late 60's and early 70's THE TIDAL WAVE. Of course not to be confused in any way with the current band of the same name, the group had a string of smash hits starting with the psychedelic pop rock classic, "With tears in my eyes" in 1969. They went on to score huge hits with "Spider Spider" and "Mango Mango" before splitting up in the early 70's.

Guitarist Mike Pilot went on to co-found the rock group Stingray and bassist Kenny Haycock enjoyed tremendous success in the music industry as a producer and record company boss. There are a wide variety of music styles covered on this TIDAL WAVE retrospective CD. Lovers of end-of-the-sixties psychedelic pop and rock will discover many hidden gems here inluding the rpogressive rock sounds of "Get It Out Of Your System" which would not have been out of place on an Abstract Truth album.

This CD also includes the funky soul sounds of "Town Girl", featuring SONY MUSIC BMG Music Publishing head (in earlier pop incarnation) Peter Vee's lead vocal which was previously unreleased. TIDAL WAVE is fondly remembered by many and now all their music; the hits, misses and rarities can be found in one place - on SPIDER SPIDER - THE BEST OF THE TIDAL WAVE

Hey Little Dancer / I Can Find No Reason 7" . PD.9836 1972 STORM/GALLO

Money Baby / I've Got To Get Away 7" . PD.9756 1970 STORM/GALLO
Side One:
1. Money Baby (Aldan Mason)
Side Two:
1. I've Got To Get Away (Aldan Mason)

Prod. by Terry Dempsey

Mango Mango / Give Me An A 7" . PD.9716 1970 STORM/GALLO

Green Mamba / Colonel Mustard 7" . PD.9694 1970 STORM/GALLO
Side One:
1. Green Mamba (Terry Dempsey)
Side Two:
1. Colonel Mustard

Prod. by Terry Dempsey

Crazy Horse / Spider Spider 7" . PD.9616 1969 STORM/GALLO

Producer, Terry Dempsey, Arrangement, Robin Netcher

With Tears In My Eyes / We Wanna Know 7" . PD 9552 1969 STORM/GALLO

Man On A String / That's Why The Girl Is Crying 7" . PD.9479 1969 STORM/GALLO

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