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The Swiss Family Kunz
from the heart of South Africa... LP . JSX 11129 1968 COLUMBIA
Kant Een:
1. Es Burebuebli (Arr. R. Kunz)
2. Home On The Range (Arr. R. Kunz)
3. Edelweis (Rodgers & Hammerstein)
4. Vaarwel My Eie Soetelief (Arr. R. Kunz)
5. Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Fearis-Pounds)
6. Saggies En Teer (Arr. R. Kunz)
Kant Twee:
1. Two Little Girls In Blue (Wood & Graham)
2. Det Ane Am Bargli (Arr. R. Kunz)
3. Sarie Marais (R. Kunz)
4. Tell Me Why (Arr. R. Kunz)
5. Al Lê Die Berge (Arr. R. Kunz)
6. Wooden Heart (Wise-Weisman-Twomany-Kaempfert)vetseun

At last South Africa has its own singing family, with their special sound of music. This is the Swiss Family Kunz, who originate from Northern Switzerland. Mr. Kunz, who is a missionary, emmigrated to this country with his wife and settled in Pretoria, where all six daughters were born. Mrs. Kunz, who plays the piano and guitar, taught each of her daughters to sing, almost as soon as they could talk, until she formed this talented family singing group. As a child in Switzerland Mrs. Kunz herself was a member of a family orchestra-which also consisted of six daughters! The eldest daughter in the Kunz family is Elvira, who is fifteen going on sixteen; then comes Sonja, who is thirteen, who plays the guitar; Grace who is twelve, Monica who is eleven; Yvonne who is nine, and finally little Irene, who is only two
When at school at Gerrit Maritz High, the Kunz family were chosen to appear on the radio programme "Ateljee '67" and they were such a success that they began appearing at various major functions throughout the district of Rosslyn. So many people began asking if they had recorded any of their songs, that Mrs. Kunz was persuaded to make a trip to Johannesburg with an audition tape. The result of that trip is this first album by the Swiss Family Kunz.
The girls sing naturally in three Ianguages-EngIish at school, Afrikaans in church and Swiss-German at home. So this album includes songs in the three languages, all of which are firm family favourites.'Es Burebuebli' and 'Det Ane Am Bargli' are famous Swiss mountain songs, whilst 'Wooden Heart' and 'Edelweis' are translations of songs which every German youngster knows,. 'Sarie Marais' 'Saggies En Teer' and other Afrikaans folk songs need no introduction to South Africans, and similarly 'Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere', 'Home On The Range' and 'Tell Me Why' are known to English speaking people throughout the world.
Like the Von Trapp Family, The Swiss Family Kunz is also an unique family singing group, and like the famous Austrian family, should continue to entertain millions of music lovers for many years to come. - John S. Norwell. - omslag

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