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The Studiofonics
Stereophonic 5 2LP ................................ RCA/VICTOR
- Perfect For Dancing -

Stereophonic 4 LP ................................. RCA/VICTOR
- Perfect For Dancing -

Stereophonic 3 LP .................... 38-250 RCA/VICTOR
- Perfect For Dancing -
Side One:
1. Cracklin Rosie; Yo Yo
2. Candida; Brown Eyes
3. Cecilia; Up Around The Bend
4. Mademoiselle Nennitte; Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha
5. We Can Make Music; Like I Do
Side Two:
1. Burning Bridges; Song Of Joy
2. Sunshine; Yellow River
3. Working On A Good Thing; Poor Little Rich Girl
4. Keep On Smiling; Lady D'Arbanville
5. A Time For Us (Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet); Everybody's Talking
6. Montego Bay; It Feels So Nice; Montego Bay

Produced, Arranged & Conducted: Werner Krupski
Recorded by: Ian Martin

Stereophonic 2 LP ............... 38-215 1970 RCA/VICTOR
- Perfect For Dancing -

Arranged & Conducted: Werner Krupski
Produced by: Grahame Beggs
Repertoire co-production by: Issy Martin
Engineer: Ian Martin

Stereophonic 1 LP ............... 38-156 1969 RCA/VICTOR
- Perfect For Dancing -
Side One:
1a. Sugar Sugar
b. Time Is Tight
c. Polk Salad Annie
d. In The Year
2a. More Today Than Yesterday
b. It Mek
c. Israelites
3a. Love At First Sight
b. Katrlna's Theme
c. Baby Make It Soon
d. Don't Forget To Remember.
4a. Abergavenny
b. Green River
c. Bad Moon Rising
5a. Little Yellow Aeroplane
b. My Cherie Amour
c. Colour Of My Love
Side Two:
1a. Da Wee Doo Down Down
b. Red River Rock
c. If I Were A Richman
d. Let Me
2a. Jack And Jill
b. Little Woman
c. Listen To The Band
d. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
3a. Romeo & Juliet Theme
b. As Long As He Needs Me
c. Turn Around
4a. Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
b. Soul Deep
c. Lodi
d. Proud Mary
5a. These Eyes
b. Lights Of Cincinatti
c. Laughing
d. Saved By The Bell

All the fancy names in the world cannot conceal the true fact, that, in
this present day and age, the ultimate for sound is still the pure STEREOPHONIC Sound! This record makes no greater claim than that the sound
you will hear is pure STEREOPHONIC sound!
The figure 1 ? No mystique about this either! It just indicates that this happens to be the first record of what we hope will be a lengthy series! So much for the sound - what about the numbers on it? These are the top hits of the moment and all played in such a way that makes the whole record a delight to the listener and-above all... PERFECTEOR DANClNG!!!
Who are the STUDIOFONICS? A very talented, in fact, the most talented bunch of musicians playing in South African studios today. The album conceived by lssy Nathan. The arrangements are by Werner Krupski and the production by Ray Walter. The engineer is lan Martin of Manley van Niekerk Studios. The outstanding cover designed by Paul Rose. The photographs are by Hallan Street of L'Atelier Studios.

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