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The Sick-Leaves
Last Dance Of The Sugarplum Fairy . TSLCD 003 2010
1. All you want
2. What are you waiting for?
3. Coz you like it
4. Run Away
5. Move faster than this
6. Heartland
7. K2
8. Tell it like it is
9. The Geisha Puppets
10. Come & Go
11. From where you came

The Sick-Leaves is a Johannesburg based indie rock artist Eksteen Jacobsz who is the songwriter, vocalist, bassist and guitarist for all of The Sick-Leaves' material. Last Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is the third album from The Sick-Leaves with it being produced by renowned producer Darryl Torr (produced Zebra & Giraffe, Dear Reader, Cassette) at SABC's M5 studios. This album follows from the SAMA nominated first & second albums (2007 & 2009). "Uncovered' was featured on the SA Tunes magazine comilatpion CD for July 2009 and on compilation CD for August issue of SL magazine. Extensive media coverage of Stone the Crow and interviews with The Sick-Leaves over course of 2009. The Sick-Leaves recently received a 2010 MK Award nomination for "All These Foolish Things (I've said)' in category of Best Animated SFX music video, plus had a performance on 5FM's Cuervo Nation (Live)5 show 30th January.

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Stone The Crow ................. TSLCD 002
1. I'll Follow You
2. Valley Of The Dolls
3. Kaizen
4. Phantom Pain
5. Foggy
6. The Familiar Departed
7. The Black Disciples
8. Coppice Fire
9. Lock 'n Load
10. Scotoma (Seein' Ain't Believin')
11. Hustle Honey
12. Uncovered
13. Torpedoed Lifeboat

Tunnel Vision . TSLCD001/SMCD 143 2006 SHEER
1. Coffee Break
2. Kiss and Tell
3. Tunnel Vision
4. All these foolish things (I've said)
5. Across the line
6. Short Skirts
7. Such a Waster
8. The Usual Favours
9. To below and above
10. Tell you all
11. Par Avion
12. Overkill
13. Do
14. Articles from the Archive

With overlapping influences ranging from 60's pop sensibilities, 70's psychedelic rock, 80's disco punk to 90's Brit rock bringing fore a melodic extravaganza of guitars, drums and bass, yearning vocals and song writing with substance.
The Sick-Leaves is E. Jacobsz as songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and bassist (formely with infamous London band the Infidels), with drummer Warrick Poultney. This is their amazing debut album, produced by legendary underground producer Matthew Fink.
The album was released in April 2006 through independent label Sheer Music and Sony/ATV took over publishing.
Two singles, All These Foolish Things (I've said) and Such a Waster, went to number 11 on the 5FM Top 40. Four singles each reached the SA Top 10 chart on TUKS FM and all four reached the UJFM Top 20.

skakels :

2007 04 28 - Wicked: Lindsay McGuire, Sick Leaves, Ruan Xen, Oursilence, Wednesday, Ddktd!, Tempos, 16:00, R40

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