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The Aeroplanes
vetseunLAAI AF
Greatest Hits ................ CDCJM001 1986 SJAMBOK MUSIC
1. Living in Yeoville (Becker/Rudolph)
2. Hat Check Girl (Rudolph)
3. National Madness (Rudolph)
4. For God's Sake Mandy (Rudolph/Whyle)
5. Love Break a Heart (Rudolph)
6. I got Style (Becker/Rudolph)
7. Sally (Rudolph)
8. Cowboys Don't Cry (Rudolph)
9. Zurich by the Goldmines (Becker)
10. Acting so Strange (Rudolph)
11. Doesn't Matter (Becker)
12. Black Samba (Rudolph/Whyle)
13. Baby Doll with a Gun (Becker)
14. The Trouble with you James (Rudolph)
15. Falling Indifferent (Muirhead)
16. South African Male (Becker/Rudolph)
17. Hey Where's The Jol (Rudolph)

Produced by Warric Sony
Remixed by Willem Möller

The Aeroplanes LP ......... SHIFT 19 1986 SHIFTY RECORDS
Side One:
1. Sally
2. Big Game Hunting In Afrika
3. Coyboys Don't Cry
4. Zurich By the goldmines
5. The Trouble With You James
6. Doesn't Matter
7. Black Samba
Side Two:
1. Hat Check Girl
2. I've Got Style
3. Acting So Strange
4. Love Breaks A Heart
5. Baby Doll With A gun
6. Hey where's The Jol
7. National Madness

is Michael Rudolph, Robert Muirhead, Gary Rathbone, Carl Becker, James Whyle

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