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Thabang Tabane; Mabi Thobejane
Africa TM .................................. MZA 011 M.E.L.T.
1. Eoffisini
2. Loopygroove 3
3. Komeng
4. Thairimba Pt.2
5. Chililo
6. Longbeach Jam
7. Basubeletsu
8. Loopy Groove
19. Malume
10. Bernard's Groove
11. Shangaan Groove
12. Loopy Groove 2
13. Thokgo
14. Snuff Box 1
15. Thairimba Pt.2
16. Snuff Box 2
17. Basubeletsu
18. Mabirimba

This collaboration is between Young and Old. This is a Family project. South African born, Thabang is the heir to the father and founder of the Malombo music Dr. Philip Tabane who has gained international reputation for being the leader of legendary Malombo for 4 decades.
Mabi was born in Mamelodi (Pretoria, South Africa) and at an early stage watched and learned the drumming of the Balobedu tribe gathering in his neighborhood. Thabang Tabane himself a musical inspiration learned to play drums by watching his uncle Mabi Thobejane (King of the Congo) who was the cofounder of Malombo in the 60's.
Together they have arranged a stunning contemporary African Percussive meets traditional Venda and Pedi themed Album. These two talented and related drummers, representing separete generations, have left their comfort zones and put together an Album far removed from their usual styles, which makes the music all the more ethnic.
Produced by Ben Amato, this Album show cases, the African Drum, mbire djembe thai marimba and an interesting vocal presentation.

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