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Steve D

Piet van Wyk de Vries & SteveD - Vliegtuig Van Papier VID >>>

Goud & Silwer - Silver & Gold . MUZCD 004 2011 MONSTER MUSIC
1. The Man Who Plays The Mandolin
2. Kom Saam Vanaand
3. A Saxophone & You (Robert's Song)
4. Crystal Chandeliers
5. Goud & Silwer
6. All I Can Do Is Swing
7. Sawends
8. Belle Notte
9. Londown Town
10. Stadig Oor Die Klippe
11. On An Evening In Roma
12. When You Wish Upon A Star

Steve van Deventer
My Way ........................ CDSGVD001 2010
1. September Morn
2. New York
3. Father And Son
4. I'll Meet You At Midnight
5. The Last Waltz
6. I Just Can't Help Believing
7. Lonely Sky
8. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues
9. Bridge Over Troubled Water
10. Sweet Caroline
11. My Way
12. What's Up

Steve van Deventer has paid his school fees in the South African music business. He is not your regular pub musician (although he's been there) - to the contrary, he is a professional and full time sophisticated tenor with unmistakable talent.
After many years of playing in restaurants, hotels, corporate functions and pubs Steve was approached by Mel Botes (one of South Africa's finest musicians and songwriters). Mel assisted in putting together a smaller scale production of Fly Me To The Moon & other old time favorites, especially for Steve and also makes regular guest artist appearances in this show. This is the ideal two-hour performance for sophisticated restaurants, hotels, casinos, corporate functions, theatres and weddings.
The performance is packed with old-time favorites such as Fly Me To The Moon, New York, My Way and many more that will have an audience or your guests on their feet. The interpretation of the music and lyrics is of the highest standard and quality and exceeds one's expectations.
Steve has been selected as ambassador for MANWEES magazine and he also appeared in the cast of the latest Egoli and Friends show in Nelspruit. He's had ongoing formal vocal coaching from one of South Africa's best voice trainers, Mauri Mostert, and is most certainly a star in the making, with his feet steady on the ground.
Steve believes that performing in hotels and restaurants will probably never end for him, because of his love for people and the privilege to interact with people from different walks of life. Besides the Frank Sinatra show he can easily entertain any restaurant or theatre crowd for 3 - 4 hours at a time with hits from Pink Floyd, Neil Diamond, CCR, Smokie and even a whole lot of our own Afrikaans favorite songs!

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