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Selmor Mtukudzi
Expressions ............... NEXTCD 456 2013 NEXT MUSIC
1. Ndinochengetwa
2. Nguna Yangu
3. Wandinoda
4. Patakadana
5. Ropafadzo
6. Rudo Hwayi?
7. Amai
8. Anokuda Chaiye
9. Tichachembedzana
10. Dzidzo Yakakosha
11. Ngdega Ndega

Selmor Mtukudzi is an Afro Jazz artist who has a very fine and incomparable voice that has proved to be a successful and well recognised brand. In addition to her vocal talent Selmor has mastered the art of playing hosho and mbira which is complimented by her mhande dance moves. She is the 3rd born daughter in her family and cannot avoid the fact that she is born into a legendary music bloodstream, her father being the super star Oliver Mtukudzi. She started singing at a tender age of 10 which saw her appearing in local films and dramas such as, I Am The Future, which featured at local cinemas. Selmor has performed with local jazz bands such as Tanga Wekwa Sando, Kwekwe band, Jabavu drive and Pax Afro. She has also shared the stage with international artists such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Tsepo Tshola. Selmor has toured various countries such as The United Kingdom, Finland, Namibia and South Africa.

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