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Roy Martin with his Orchestra and Chorus (1910-1999)
In The Mood LP ....................... CON-T.8 CONTINENTAL
Side One:
1a. In The Mood (a);
1b. American Patrol (b);
1c. Little Brown Jug (b);
2a. Mr. Sandman (e);
2b. The Yellow Rose Of Texas (d);
2c. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (e);
3a. O Mona Lisa (f);
3b. Too Young (g);
4a. Daar Kom Die Alibama (b);
4b. Die Hand Vol Vere (b);
4c. Daar Kom Die Wa (b);
4d. Boegoeberg Se Dam (b);
4e. O Ver In Die Wêreld, Kittie (b);
5a. On Top Of Old Smokey (a);
5b, Mockin' Bird Hill (h);
6a. South America Take It Away (i);
6b. Kanimambo (a)
Side Two:
1a, Ain't She Sweet (a);
1b. Somebody Stole My Gal (b);
1c. After You've Gone (b);
2a. Orange Coloured Sky (c);
2b. Memories Are Made Of This (d);
3a. Auf Weidersehn Sweetheart (e);
3b. White Cliffs Of Dover (e);
4a. Sarie Marais (f);
4b. Daar Lê Die Ding (f);
4c. Suikerbossie (f)
5a. Ten Thousand Miles (g);
5b. Till I Waltz Again With You (b);
5c. Your Cheating Heart (b);
6a. Tennessee Waltz (i);
6b. Vaya Con Dios (j);
7. Music For All (f)

When ROY MARTIN arrived in Johannesburg in 1940, South African dance music entered a new phase. For the first time here was a bandleader who was also a top-class arranger and who insisted on giving everything he played an individual orchestration specially adapted to the personality of his own combination. Before long the Roy Martin sound, immediately recognisable from the opening bars of every broadcast, was known to SABC listeners all over the country.
Prior to coming to South Africa, Roy had been in London playing and arranging for such wellknown leaders as Sidney Lipton, Ambrose, Lou Praeger, Geraldo and Carroll Gibbons. He had done special orchestrations for Freddie Gardner, the famous saxophonist, and for pianist "Fats" Waller, and had been responsible, for sound-track scores on Gaumont-British films.
Roy Martin presented his first South African orchestra at the Orange Grove Hotel in Johannesburg. Eve Boswell joned him there to make her debut as a dance-band vocalist and, under his direction, developed the individual style of singing that was afterwards to rocket her to international fame.
In this country Roy has conducted for many of the biggest visiting stars, such as Danny Kaye, Tex Ritter, Martha Tilton, Felix Knight and Zsa Zsa Gabor. He has written many "pop" tunes, the most successful being "The Daughter of Mother Macree", "Night-time in Cairo" and his signature tune, "Music for All".
NORMAN ("BUTCH") KILPATRICK was singing vocals with the original Roy Martin band at the Orange Grove Hotel. Later he joined Geraldo in London.
JULIA MANN took Eve Boswell's place with the Martin outfit when Eve left to go to London. She has been singing with the band ever since.
DENNIS HALE came to South Africa as vocalist with Jack Parnell's Band for a nationwide African Consolidated Theatres tour. He has made several best-selling records here, the most outstanding being "Green Door", "Vaya Con Dios", "Love Letters in the Sand" and"Diana". - R.T.

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